Actionspiele are considered as video game equivalents of the Actionfilme.

The interacting main characteristics of the plays are usually violent physical force and shootings. Most time over controls the player a character, which adjusted itself to in or two special abilities or techniques. Here it can besides in addition, other characters steer, which for Nebenaufgaben, which are necessary mini Games so mentioned. Some this mini Games it contribute to the fact that the player can steer a vehicle or a mystery can solve, which is necessary for the accomplishment of the play.

In many Actionspielen one liesstrong stress real time - of the aspect forwards. They are usually in such a way arranged that the time periods, which are to the player for reaction and planning at the disposal lie in the second range.


the most important Unterkategorien are:

also Ego Shooter call some Actionspiel, but this is its own category.

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