Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace (also Ada Augusta Byron, Ada King or Countess OF Lovelace) (* 10. December 1815 in London; † 27. November 1852 in London; actually Augusta Ada King Byron, Countess OF Lovelace)was a British Mathematikerin. She was the daughter lord Byrons and woman employee Charles Babbages.

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lord Byron had three children of three Mrs., only Ada was conjugally born. But Adas nut/mother Anne Isabella (Annabella) Milbanke could be separated from the poet, when Ada was old only some weeks, and so never became acquainted with these their famous father. Their mathematically interested nut/mother made scientific training for Ada possible,in their process she Charles Babbage and the Mathematikerin Mary Somerville fair fax became acquainted with.

With 19 years Ada Byron William King, 8 married. Baron King (1805-1893), the 1838 to the 1. Earl OF Lovelace was raised. It bore three children in very muchshort distances, one of their daughters was Anna-bark Isabella Blunt. In its correspondence with Mary Somerville wrote it that it leads a unfortunate marriage, because it apart from pregnancies and care of children so little time for their study of mathematics and theirsecond passion, which remained music. Over to divert she fell herself into the social life and had several affairs. With large enthusiasm she bet on horses. The last years of their life, already with cancer of the bed bound, it is with the developmenta mathematically sophisticated “safe” system spent. Ada Lovelace died at the recent age of 37 years, at the same age as also their father.


1843 translated it by the Italian mathematician the Luigi Menebrea on French madeDescription of Babbages Analytical engine in English and supplemented own notes and considerations to the machine. Babbages machine was never built during its lifetimes, since the British parliament malfunctioned the financing to him. Regardless of its Ada Lovelace submitted a written plan,as one could compute Bernoulli numbers with the machine. This plan brought in the fame for it the first Programmiererin to have at all been. Also therefore the programming language Ada was designated after it.

Some bio graphs hold the opinion that Ada Lovelace despitetheir training, and expresses therefore doubt had some difficulties with mathematics whether it had really completely understood Babbages machine was abused, or not rather of Babbage as sign for purposes of the public work. This question becomes probably with todayOrder standing information to be never finally clarified.

One must take Ada Lovelace to in any case ones into account that their imaginative power went far beyond from Babbage; thus she formulated z. B. in their notes to the Analytical engine the idea that a successorthe machine of a daily also in a the position is to compose music or draw diagrams.


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to its life ajar film: “Conceiving Ada”(the USA 1997), direction:Lynn Hershman

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