Adalbert Defner

Adalbert Defner (* 19. January 1884 in Millstatt; † 15. December 1969 in Innsbruck) was a Austrian landscape photographer.

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after a study of the natural sciences at the University of Vienna, where he also attained a doctorate, was it from 1909 to 1911 as an assistant at the 1. Zoo-logical Institut in Vienna actively, before it became Gymnasiallehrer. In the First World War it participated as an army photographer, where it acquired numerous experiences in the photography. To the war it moved into the Prussian province Saxonia to who Niger desert at the resin , where it 1919 oneWorkshop for artistic and landscape photography based. 1923 he took the photographer mastership examination into Magdeburg.

Dr. Adalbert Defner went 1925 again back to Austria, where he created a second photo workshop in Innsbruck, which he shifted 1929 after Igls. When this enterprise ran well, it dissolved 1930 its photo workshop in Germany.

1960 handed over Dr. Defner the publishing house to his son Karl.


Dr. Adalbert Defner attained supraregional meaning by qualitatively high-quality landscape photographs, which he on numerous picture postcards (sogn. Defner maps) and starting from 1930 on calendars processed. The publishing house Otto Paulmann in who Niger desert and starting from 1952 in Weinheim at the mountain route published the popular Defner calendars .


  • R. Larl (Hrsg.): A. Defner. Clears landscape. Photographs of 1919-1969. 1999.

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