Adam Clayton

Adam Clayton bei einem Konzert mit U2
Adam Clayton with a concert with U2

Adam Clayton (* 13. March 1960 in Chinnor/Oxfordshire) is the bassist the Irish skirt volume U2.


Clayton became as the oldest child of Brian, a Royal air Force pilot,and Jo Clayton in Oxfordshire, England to 13. March 1960 born. When it was five years old, the family pulled into the Yellow of barrier Road in Malahide in close proximity to Dublin, where its sister Sarah and its brother Sebastian were born.

Clayton visitedthe private boarding school sp Columbia's, which he hated. Thereupon it changed to the Mount Temple High School where it later its U2-Bandkollegen Bono, The Edge and Larry Mullen met. It started as U2 bassist and volume manager before Paul McGuinness. Clayton made headlines in August 1989, when he was arrested and accused in Dublin because of possession of a small quantity of Cannabis. It prevented a condemnation by a large non-profit donation.

Adam Clayton is not married and has no children. Its present friend Suzie Smith is woman employee with U2s Principal managementin Dublin.


1983 gave it to one of the few singing appearances of Clayton on “Endless Deep”, a B-side to the U2s single “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.

Adam and Bono worked 1984 on the Africa Charity single “DO They Know It's Christmas?“also. Claytonlikewise in albums of Maria McKee cooperated and played the bass with “quietly Water” and “Jolie Louise” on Daniel Lanois album “Acadie “.

1994 have Clayton at the Songs “thesis Days in at open Book”, “Don't Forget About ME”, “on count clay/tone Street” and“This Heart” of the album” Flyer “of Nanci Griffiths with Larry Mullen worked.

On that 1995 published album original sound TRACK No. 1 one can hear Adam the last Strophe of the Songs “Your Blue Room” speak.

it took 1996 together with its U2-Bandkollegen Larry Mullenthe Titelsong for the sound TRACK to the film mission: Impossible up; an instrument valley: Theme From mission: Impossible.

Clayton is the winner of the Best bassist Award with the Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards in the years 2001 and 2002. Apart from its commitment with U2 it playedalready with music sizes such as Nanci Griffith, B. B. King, Daniel Lanois and other one.


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