Adam copilot country

Adam copilot country< /th>


Statistics< /th>


Ring name (n)< /th> Sexton Hardcastle
Adam Impact
Conquistador UN
Edge< /td>


Size of< /th>1.93 m (6 ft 5 in)< /td>< /tr>
Weight< /th>114 kg (250 lb)< of /td>< /tr>
Birth< /th>30. October 1973
Orangeville, Ontario< /td>< /tr>
Domicile< /th>Toronto, Canada and Tampa United States< /td>< /tr>
Announced from< /th>Toronto< /td>< /tr>
Trained by< /th>Ron Hutchison,
Sweet Daddy Siki,
Sully's Gym,
Bret and Stu hard,
Dory radio, Jr.,
Tom Prichard< /td>< /tr>
Debut< /th>1. July 1993< /td>< /tr>

Adam copilot country (* 30. October 1973 in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian professional Wrestler, that for World Wrestling Entertainment under the name “Edge” start and was of 8. to 29. January 2006 WWE champions. It is 1.98 meters large and weighs 113 kilograms. It is once divorced, since October 2004 marries again and now in a relationship with the Wrestlerin Amy Dumas (also admits as Lita).

With the WWE start it for the RAW - cadres and embodies there a technician. Its professional career it began at the 1.Juni 1993 with Independent graduation after it by Bret hard, Leo Burke, Ron Hutchinson and Sweet Daddy Siki was trained. 1998 he came then to the WWE. Its preferential move is the Downward spiral, the Impaler, the Spear and the Top Rope Dropkick.

To 8. January 2006 with WWE new Year's revolution redeemed Edge its Money in the bank title SHOT, defeated John Cena and reached the 1. Times in its career WWE champion. It lost the title however with the back fight to 29. January 2006 with the Pay by View Royal Rumble John Cena. It provoked Mick Foley to a match with Wrestlemania 22, whatever this assumed. The reason for the fact consists of the fact that Edge betrogen themselves from Foley around the WWE Championship feel, and itself so at him throat wants. Foley required as special rule that it becomes a hard core match. The match, which to 2. April 2006 took place, could decide Edge after a Spear on a burning table for itself.

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Wrestling facts

Finishing and Signature move


  • Johnny Bradford
  • Judd the Studd
  • Terri Runnels
  • Lita

Nicknames (pointed name)

Championships and achievements

  • other Championships
  • 1x ICW/MWCW avoiding west Unified day team champion
  • 1x SSW day team champion
  • 2x ICW Street Fight day team champion
  • pro Wrestling Illustrated
  • PWI match OF the Year 2000 and 2001 (with Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz)
  • PWI Most Improved Award 2001
  • PWI comeback OF the Year Award 2004
  • PWI rank # of 8 OF best 500 singles wrestlers in 2005
  • PWI rank # of 7 OF best 500 of singles wrestlers Year in
  • States champion Wrestling
  • Observer new type character 2000 day team OF (with Christian)
  • 2002 match OF the Year (with Rey Mysterio Jr vs fish Chris Benoit and short)

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