Adam Friedrich Zürner

Adam Friedrich Zürner (* 15. August 1679 in Marieney in the Vogtland; † 18. December 1742 in Dresden) was an Evangelist minister and a German Kartograf.

It was since 1705 a minister in the Saxonian Skassa and gave to 1711 the Special Landt Charte of Grossenhainout. Afterwards in the same way a map of the office Dresden followed.

To 12. April 1713 gave him August the strong one the Aufrrag to bring all offices cure principality Saxonia in the same way like the two maps of the offices Grossenhain and Dresden in Mappas geographicas.Zürner should thereby those already 1686 by the Markscheider Matthias desert one under cure prince Christian I. , however due to the dreissigjährigen war final measurement begun of the cure principality as the second cure-Saxonian land survey to end lead.

Zürner, equipped with the title “land and border commissioner”, could in the late autumn 1718its “new Chursächsi post office Charte” submit. In order to settle this order, it designed a geographical test van, with which very exact measurements could be accomplished. This was a Kutsche, in which a linkage transferred the revolutions of the rear wheel to a speedometer. With its test vans Zürner putabout 18,000 miles back. In the result of this measurement the stone, Saxonian post office mile columns so mentioned in the Saxonian cities and along the post office roads were established. The hour data indicated on the columns do not correspond by any means - how often accepted - the average “Postkutschenfahrzeit”, but are distances. OneWay hour corresponds to approximately 4.5 km, thus that distance, which one puts back in one time hour to foot.

Zürners assistants were among other things: Paul Trenckmann.

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  • Brückner, Jörg: The second cure-Saxonian land survey under Adam Friedrich Zürner (1679-1742), Johanngeorgenstadt 1993 (thesis (diploma)).
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