Adam Lonitzer

Adam Lonitzer (Lonicerus) (* 10. October 1528 in Marburg; † 29. May 1586 in Frankfurt/Main) was a German natural scientist, physician and a Botaniker.

Already at the age of 13 years Lonitzer Baccalaureus became and studied afterwards at the University of Marburg Philosophie and Medizin. 1545 it acquired the Magister artium. After it had informed some time in Frankfurt (Main ) and in Friedberg old languages, it turned from 1545 to 1553 in Frankfurt and Mainz medical studies and became 1553 the Dr. med. attained a doctorate. 1553 it became at the University of Marburg professor for mathematics, 1554 Stadtphysikus in Frankfurt.

Starting from 1550 Lonitzer was occupied with herb books, whereby he described the plants particularly under medical-pharmaceutical aspects. It arranged its distinguishing features from older herb books illustrations and described the kinds, so among other things and for common native plant types also locations.

To many of the plants and mushrooms, which he described, there is reference to practical applications. In the herb book Lonitzers is among other things also the first representation of Claviceps - to Sclerotien (ergots). Among other things it described also devices and procedures for instance for distilling Branntwein, which it took again from a book of Hieronymus Brunschwig.

Its 1578 published herb book reached from 1557 to 1783 over 20 editions.

Linné designated the kind Lonicera (L.) in honours Lonitzers after it.

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