Adam Ludwig leva head

Adam Ludwig count Lewenhaupt (* 15. April 1659 in a camp before Copenhagen; † 12. February 1719 in Russia) was a Swedish general.

Leva head stepped first into the war services Bayerns (at that time Baiern written). Here it fought as a ride master against the Turks in Hungary. Then it went with Swedish auxiliary troops as a Colonel to Holland.

1697 returned leva head to Sweden , where it king Karl XII. with beginning of the Nordi war the boss of a again-recruited regiment made. It successfully fought against the Russians, triumphed 1705 with masonry yard and ascended then to the general of the infantry . it received the large one a defeat to 1708 with Liesna at the Dnjepr by Peter, when it wanted to supply an auxiliary corps of 16.000 to the king men. It could a surrender lock, which brought the remainder to the Swedish army into Russian shank up to the king pierce itself, but had it after the battle with Poltawa 1709.

It remained 10 years as a prisoner in Russia and of Ulrike Eleonore during its accession the realm advice was appointed. Adam Ludwig count Lewenhaupt died however to 12. February 1719, without its native country to have seen again.


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