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Adam me NIC (* 17. October 1946 in Warsaw) is a Polish essayist and a political journalist, publisher of the left liberals largest daily paper of the country Gazeta Wyborcza and former anticommunist Dissident.

Adam me NIC at the 1. March 2006a public meeting in Breslau

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Polish People's Republic

Adam me NIC was born 1946 in Warsaw as a son of Ozjasz Szechter and Helena me NIC. Both parents were active before the Second World War in (politically insignificant) the Polish communist motion: The father, thatJewish origin was, was member of the central committee of the kp the west Ukraine, at that time part of the communist party of Poland (KPP); the nut/mother was function airs of a communist youth organization.

Me NIC showed already very early social width units commitment. In the primary school (at that time toto the respected school year) it was member of the communist group of pathfinders of hoof International Electronical Commission Walterowski (“walter trunk”), which 1957 by Jacek Kuroń was based, with which it in the anticommunist opposition co-operated later. After had specified a group of theatres critical pieces connected with that hoof International Electronical Commission Walterowski,the group of 1961 was dissolved. Me NIC based thereupon with other former members a private discussion circle, in which young people met, who were disappointed by the reality in communist Poland.

1964 began to study me NIC at the University of Warsaw science of history. Alreadyone year after it was referred for the first time of the university, after it had spread an open letter Jacek Kurońs and Karol Modzelewskis, in which to reforms of the political system in Poland had called. A further reference received it 1966,because it had organized a discussion meeting with the philosopher Leszek Kołakowski, which had been excluded briefly before because of its criticism at the guidance of the governing Polish united labour party from this.

1968 it was finally finally referred the University of Warsaw, thereit was actively in the “March events in such a way specified” involved. It concerned country-wide student protests, which expanded to a political crisis, in their connection finally also numerous critical intellectual ones (e.g.Zygmunt Bauman) of Jewish origin in a climatethe Antisemitismus the country abandoned had. Immediately after its university reference he was arrested and because of hooliganism to three years prison condemned.

1969 it already became due to an amnesty to dismiss prematurely, however one forbade to it to study further at a university.Only in the middle of the 70's was waived this prohibition, so that he could make its conclusion in science of history in the remote study at the University of floats.

After its dismissal from the prison he worked two years long as a welder, before heby switching Jacek Kurońs personal secretary of the oppositional of writer Antoni Słonimski († 1976) became.

After the strikes in radome 1976 it belonged again together with Kuroń to the joint founders and most active members of the “committee to the defense of the workers“(Komitet Obrony Robotników /KOR), one mainly of intellectual one carried group of oppositions. Besides was 1978 the joint founder of the “society for scientific courses” (Towarzystwo Kursów Naukowych) of the so-called. Flying university.

Was from 1977 to 1989 it in additionEditor of independent underground magazines (e.g.Krytyka) and in the line of the largest underground publishing house NOWA. Of 1980 to supported it as an advisor the independent trade union Solidarność. When in December 1981 the martial law was imposed, it became like numerous otherswell-known oppositionals interns. One offered to it to release it if it went into the exile, what it rejected and in one admits however become open letter at general Czesław Kiszczak justified. Thereupon it was accused of the socialist order” of “tried falland remained until 1984 in remand, since the public prosecutor's office kidnapped its process. In the detention it stepped into a hunger strike of several weeks, in order to implement a conclusion of its procedure. 1984 it was amnestied, however again arrested 1985 and this time because of participationat strike preparations in the Danziger Lenin-thrown, at which Lech was active Wałęsa, to three years prison condemns. 1986 it was again begnadigt.

turn and Nachwendezeit

1988 became me NIC member of the semi legal co-ordination committee Wałęsas. It was activein the preparations and actual negotiations rounding of the table (February until April 1989) takes part, in which he met general Czesław Kiszczak, this time as an official contact. At rounding table became the gradual participation of the opposition and the meeting more democraticallyElections to 4. June 1989 negotiated.

After conclusion of the negotiations me NIC von Solidarność received - leader Lech Wałęsa the order to publish an appearing country-wide “choice newspaper “solidarity”” (Gazeta Wyborcza 'Solidarność) for the election campaign of its “citizen committee” (Komitet Obywatelski). Althoughfirst as pure election campaign newspaper planned, the Gazeta Wyborcza appeared further and is today under me NIC the present-strongest daily paper of the country.

Me NIC was selected after the choice victory of the opposition for the “citizen committee” in the Sejm and supported as a delegateand Tadeusz Mazowiecki decided editor of the Gazeta Wyborcza as head of the government and a presidency candidate 1990. After these against Wałęsa underlaid and the “citizen committee” had disintegrated, it withdrew from the policy and stood as a candidate themselves with the Sejm elections 1991 no longer.

Instead ofits concentrated it on its work as journalist and an editor-in-chief of the Gazeta Wyborcza, which opinion-end daily paper of Poland under its line to the usually read and became. Agora S.A., the particularly created publishing house company of the Gazeta Wyborcza, is todayone of the prominent medium companies in Poland. Me NIC attaches importance to possess neither personally portions of Agora to belong still to their management.

As an editor-in-chief of the Gazeta Wyborcza me NIC represents one economically and gesellschaflich (left) liberal course. At the beginning that 1990er years supported it the free market “shock therapy” from Leszek Balcerowicz and later the Polish European Union - entry. From all political parties me NIC of the liberty union ( Unia Wolności) stands next.

Beyond that it pleads for from Tadeusz the Mazowiecki to Rounds table suggested policy “thicken conclusion line” (gruba kreska): Therefore without a radical argument with that politically (not criminally) responsible persons of the communist regime in favor of the social peace one does. In this sense it reconciled itself 2001 in one(Pożegnanie z bronią) publicly with general Czesław Kiszczak, which was responsible for its arrest in former times, bury interview under the signature “the war hatchet”.

criticism of former going away

the before very closed Polish opposition splitafter 1989 into two wings: A liberal, intellectual pro-Western, for the me NIC, Tadeusz Mazowiecki or also Bronisław Geremek symbol figures are, and a rather conservative and populist, its more extreme representatives klerikale, nationalistic and tendentious anti-Semitic positions represent. For the latters is me NICas Atheist and representatives of a link liberalism an enemy picture coined/shaped west. Often also the Jewish origin and communist convicition of its parents are made for it the reproach. But also liberals former going away take his “versöhnlerische” attitude to me NIC opposite the representatives of theearlier regimes badly. In addition occasionally one accuses to it, it is too uncritical in relation to the person and policy of president Alexander Kwaśniewski.

unsettled one role in the Rywin affair

in the twilight turned out for me NIC in connection with the so-called. Rywin affair. The film producer Lew Rywin (among other things The pianist, Schindlers list, Hitler boy Salomon) looked for me NIC 2002 allegedly on behalf a “group, those power possesses” up. This, so Rywin, became against payment of a bribe of 17 millions Dollarit ensures that the publishing house of the Gazeta Wyborcza can acquire the majority at the television station pole-sown. This would not have been possible after the valid trust right. Me NIC published however a Mitschnitt of the discussion and released with it a scandal, until todayis not finally enlightened. Me NIC was accused the procedure too late publicly and besides before the following committee of inquiry unclear data to have made.


  • reason not to go into the exile: In the life of each humans, Mr. General[Kiszczak ], sometime a heavy moment comes, in which the simple statement is “this black and that is white” expensively be paid must. The price can be the life, paid on the hill of the citadel, behind the wires of Saxonia-live, behind the lattices of Mokotów. In such an instant, Mr. General, is the largest concern of fair humans not to know it will have to pay which price to know but whether is white still white and blackstill black. (Letter from the prison at general Kiszczak, 11. December 1983)
  • Over its reconciliation with its former pursuers: Today I try to understand the motives of humans, who made decisions at that time. And, except low motives, like the defensethe privileges of the Nomenklatura, I see also different. I want, God protect, not humans to defend, who instructed, to shoot at workers. But in France there is no politician, who would not give such an instruction, as soon as the quantity thatCity hall of Paris anzündet. I know that France was a democracy and the People's Republic of a dictatorship. But the generals saw that differently. For it - and not only for it - the People's Republic was a normal state. I can do thatdo not ignore. (in Gazeta Wyborcza, 03. February 2001)
  • Over the Polish position for European integration: One cannot of Poland require, more convinced Europeans to be than the Frenchmen before ten years. We are from the use of the unionconvinced, cannot think however yet like Europeans. [...] It is, as if the Frenchmen and the Germans would have a university conclusion, while we prepare straight only for the Abitur. Give us little time! As soon as we a common currencyand common passports have, us will become clear that we need a common foreign policy, which will be independent of America. America should remain however our allying. [...] If it around a structure acts, which aims at, NATO tooeliminate, find I the idea dangerously. (in liberation)
  • over its Polish-Jewish identity: My whole life turned out in such a way that I was for all foreigners poles and wanted to be. Thus I introduced myself: here in America, in Europeand in Israel. [...] Always then, if over the public Polish life dark clouds of the Antisemitismus began to together-clump, I remembered at the same time however clearly and clearly my Jewish origin, the affiliation of my fathers to the Jewish people. IfI also poles to be wanted to be always, for the Antisemiten wanted I Jew. I believe that I possess enough courage to be always further for the Antisemiten a Jew.
  • Over the Iraq war: Question: They have one year ago over thoseAmerican Iraq politics said: “A bad government made a very good intervention with bad arguments.” What did you want to say thereby? Answer: That one can be for the fall of Saddam Hussein, although also Bush and Rumsfeld of this opinion are. That theseWar to be justified can, although also Bush and Rumsfeld endorse him. (in: World week (Switzerland), 17/2004 [1]


secondary literature

  • Irish Republican Army Katznelson (Hrsg.): Liberalism's Crooked Circle: Letters ton Adam me NIC. Princeton 1998. ISBN of 0691004471

prices and honors (selection)

Adam me NIC became for his journalistic and political commitment of manyinternational institutions excellently.

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