Adam Sedgwick

Adam Sedgwick (1785 - 1873)
Adam Sedgwick (1785 - 1873)

Adam Sedgwick (* 22. March 1785 in Dent, Yorkshire; † 27. January 1873 in Cambridge) was one the founder of modern geology.

He suggested both the Devonian - and the Kambrium - to period as components for the geological time scale. The latter suggestion was based on the stratigraphischen research, which it had made in Wales.

Sedgwick came as a third child of a anglikanischen Vikars to the world. He was trained to the Sedbergh School and in the Trinity college in Cambridge.

1810 he became an assistant there, 1818 as one the successor John Woodwards Woodwardian professor of geology in Cambridge. In the same year it was geweiht to the clergyman of the anglikanischen church. In Cambridge it participated in reforms, which should make the university a modern education and research establishment. 1829 he became a president of the Geological Society in London. 1834 he became cathedral gentleman (Prebendary) of the cathedral of Norwich; he noticed this function beside his offices for university up to his death. 1835 it published the Silurian and Cambrian of system, Exhibiting the order together with Sir Roderick Murchison the work “on into which the Older Sedimentary Strata Succeed each OTHER in England and Wales “(de: “During the silurischen and kambrischen periods. The arrangement, in that the older sediment layers in England and Wales sequences "). 1845 he became a deputy rector of the Trinity college.

With Charles Darwin, which had been in the subject geology of one of its students, it remained also during its famous journey on board the “Beagle “in the letter contact. However Darwin could never convince it of its thesis of the evolution. Sedgwick wrote even Darwin:

If I did emergency think you A good temp-talk and truth loving one I should emergency tell you that… I have READ your book with more pain than pleasure. Parts OF I it admired greatly; parts I laughed RK till my sides were sore almost; OTHER parts I READ with absolute sorrow; because I think them utterly false and grievously mischievous. You have deserted -- after A start in that tram road OF all solvently physical truth -- the true method OF induction…
Translation: “I would not consider you so a decent and truth-loving man, I it to you would not say…. but I read its book more with displeasure than well-being favours. Some places impressed me; at others I laughed, until I got nearly side stinging, but I had read some places with large concern, since I perfectly wrong and misdirected consider her. They have - after you had begun in this track of solid scientific truth - the true method of the induction … “defiance

of these fundamental diversities of opinion the two friends good up to their end of life remained abandoned.

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