Adam of Bremen

Adam of Bremen (* probably 1050 ago, † 1081/1085) was of Bremen a cleric and a theologian.

Adam originated originally from Obergermanien (saxonia superior), possibly from Bamberg. Under the archbishop Adalbertfrom Bremen it became approx. 1066 bremischer cathedral gentleman. 1069, returned from a journey to king Sven Estridsson from Denmark, he became more magister scholarum (Domscholast), thus directors/conductors of the monastery school. Died it probably 1081, at the latest 1085.

Around 1075 he wrote its most well-known historical work the Gesta Hammaburgensis ecclesiae under extensive and careful use of older chronicles and documents as well as using the reports bring along from Denmark pontificum, four books concerning the history of the ore diocese Hamburg and thoseIslands of the north. The work reports in detail on the Wikingerzeit, which conditions and wars in the Baltic Sea area as well as in the areas, which are part of the today's States of Great Britain , Denmark , Norway , Sweden and Northern Germany. Also most removed at that timeWorld areas:Iceland, which become Färöer , Orkney and Greenland as well as their Christianisierung mentioned. Besides it reports in detail on the Slawen (Sclavi) in today's Germany. Its reports are generally considered as a reliable representation and Adam as onethe best historians of the high Middle Ages.

Famous the work is also by the fact that it represents the first written certification over the discovery America (Vinlands “) by the Wikinger.

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