Adama Njie

Adama Njie (* 7. February 1984) is light athlete from the African state a Gambia. It runs the medium range in 400 and 800-Meter. Njie participated for its homeland three times in olympic summer games (1996, 2000, 2004).

Olympia 2004

with olympic summer games the 2004 in Athens participated Njie in a competition:

  • With the 800-Meter-Lauf of the women, it completed the distance to 20. August 2004 in 2:10,02 minutes. It was terminated the run as the latter and could not thereby not qualify for the next round.


400-Meter-Lauf 55.32 s 12. May 2001 Bakau
800-Meter-Lauf 2:05,14 min 1. January 2003

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