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Luise Adelaide Lavinia Schopenhauer, well-known as if ennoble Schopenhauer (* 12. July 1797 in Hamburg, † 25. August 1849 in Bonn) was a German authoress, sister of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer and Tochter of the authoress Johanna Schopenhauer.

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Caroline bar DUA: Johanna and ennobles Schopenhauer (as a child), 1806

born in Hamburg, buildup it in Weimar under the influence of the artist and scholar circle, who met in the salon of its nut/mother. It was high talented and was occupied with literature and seal. It operated in Goethe's house and was closely friendly with Goethe's later daughter-in-law Ottilie. 1828 pulled it with its nut/mother Johanna Schopenhauer to Bonn. She became a close friend Annette of Droste Hülshoffs and of Sibylle Mertens Schaaffhausen, which dedicated her a poem. After the death of the nut/mother it traveled, much predominantly to Italy. Seriously ill it returned to Bonn, where it died 1849 and to 100. Birthday of Goethe was buried. Their grave is on the old person cemetery in Bonn.


ennobles Schopenhauer wrote fairy tale, poems, novels and was a Meisterin of the shears cut.


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