Adeodato Giovanni Piazza

Adeodato Giovanni cardinal Piazza OCD (* 30. September 1884 in Vigo de Cadore, Italy; † 30. November 1957 in Rome) was archbishop and Patriarch of Venice.


Adeodato Giovanni Piazza occurred 1887 the Karmeliterorden and studied in Treviso, Venice and Brescia the fan philosophy and catholic theology. It received to 19. December 1908 the Sakrament of the Priesterweihe and worked afterwards as a lecturer in the training of the medal new generation. Adeodato Giovanni Piazza participated as a field clergyman in the First World War . From 1919 to 1923 it was Prior of the conventions in Brescia, Verona and Adro. In the years 1923 to 1925 he worked as a secretary of the Generalsuperiors in Rome, from 1925 to 1930 provided he the office of the general power of attorney gate.

Pope Pius XI. appointed it 1930 the archbishop of Benevento. The Bischofsweihe received Adeodato Giovanni Piazza by cardinal Basilio Pompilj. 1935 used it the holy father as Patriarchen of Venice, to 13. December 1937 it accepted it as a cardinal priest with the title church Santa Prisca to the Kardinalskollegium . Adeodato Giovanni cardinal Piazza participated in the Konklave of the yearly 1939 . 1940 it became Konsistorialsekretär of the Kurie. Pope Pius XII. 1949 raised it to the cardinal bishop von Sabina e Poggio Mirteto. Adeodato Giovanni cardinal Piazza represented the holy father with several ceremonies as papal Legat. It died to 30. November 1957 in Rome and was bestattet in the there carmelite church Santa Teresa aluminium Corso d' Italia.


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