Adil Çarçani

Adil Çarçani (* 15. May 1922 in Fushëbardha; † 13. October 1997 in Tirana) was an Albanian head of the government during the communist dictatorship.

Çarçani was born in a village in the environment by Gjirokastra and followed during the Second World War the partisans . As members of the communist party he became into the 1950ern a Minister for mining industry. Later it became member of the Politbüros and deputy Prime Minister (1981). To 18. December 1981 he took over the post of the Prime Minister after the alleged suicide of Prime Minister Mehmet Shehu. Contrary to its predecessor Çarçani of the fact added itself that the policy considerably by the party chief Enver Hoxha were determined and by its successor Ramiz Alia.

After the mass protests of the population, which led to the democratic change of the country, he resigned in February 1991 as a Prime Minister. In the new parliament, into which he had been selected in the same year, it gave the inaugural address. One year later he said good-bye from the political life of the country. 1994 he was condemned it because of suppression and misuse of power to a term of imprisonment. For health reasons the punishment was converted into house arrest. He deceased under house arrest in Tirana.


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