Eagle (biology)

robbery eagle (A. rapax)

the designation eagle is in the German linguistic area a trivial designation for large, impressing grab birds.

Numerous kinds of grab bird have the ending in their name “- eagles”. Under in such a way designated kinds is representative of numerous kinds and families, which are “eagles”thus no monopyletische group. The designation of a kind of grab bird as eagles is historically conditionally and designation usually large, “nobly” looking kinds with large wingspan.

In the family of the Habichtartigen the following kinds are called “eagles” or to have in their kind name the ending” - eagles ":

  • Ape eagle (Phithecophaga)
  • Genuine eagles (Aquila) - 12 kinds, e.g. the stone eagle
  • a settler eagle (Harpyhaliaetus)
  • Elsteradler (mirror-image CWS door)
  • fish sea-eagle (Ichthyophaga)
  • Habichtsadler (Hieraaetus) - 6 kinds
  • hood eagle (Spizaetus)
  • Isidoradler (Oroaetus)
  • combat eagle (Polemaetus) - 1Kind
  • crown eagle (Stephanoaetus) - 1 kind
  • Malaienadler (Ictinaetus)
  • Papuaadler (Harpyopsis)
  • tuft eagle (Lophaetus)
  • sea-eagle (Haliaeetus) - 8 kinds
  • choking eagle (Morphnus)

the fish eagles educate own family (Pandionidae), to queue eagles form their own Unterfamilie (Circaetinae).

Thatlargest eagles, which ever lived, was the Haastadler in New Zealand. It died approx. 1400 n. Chr. out.

the eagle as symbol figure

in the antique one was the eagle the bird of the Greek God Zeus and a symbol for power and victory. In that Mythology is seizes to find, which exhibits the head and the neck of an eagle. After the lion the eagle is the most popular coat of arms animal. The name Aar stands both in the heraldry and in the Poetik for the eagle. In the Ikonografie is it the symbol animal of the EH gelists Johannes. Some indianische Ethnien admires the eagle as a holy animal. The eagle bone whistles manufactured from the top of the wing bones were signal and Zeremonialpfeifen, with which courage should be made for the Kriegern before the fight.


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