Adnan Badran

Adnan Badran (arab. عدنانبدران C Adnān Badrān; * 15. December 1935 in Jordanian ones) is a Jordanian university graduate and politician. Since that 5. April 2005 he is an Prime Minister of Jordanian ones.


he is the brother of Muddar Badran, that former prime minister of Jordanian ones and boss of the Jordanian secret service into the 1970er years. It studied natural sciences in the year 1959 at the university of Oklahoma in the USA. 1961 - it made its Magister for 1963 and/or. Doctor at the Michigan State University. It is married and speaks Arab, English and French.


with 25 years was Adnan Badran three years long research assistant at the Michigan State University, the USA before it from 1963 to 1966 physiologist and biochemist at the United Fruit Research Laboratories for U.S. - and central America became. Finally Adnan Badran went to the scientific faculty, university of Jordanian ones and was there 10 years long active. From 1976-1986 he was then a professor of biology at the Yarmuk university (Jordanian one) and the Jordanian university for science and technology and at the same time president of the Yarmuk university and the establishment president and founder of the scientific and technical Campus (JUST university, Jordanian one).

it was promoted to 1986 to the Secretary-General of the highest Kollegiums for science and technology in Jordanian ones and became 1988 Secretaries of Agriculture and 1989 Secretaries of Education. Then an international career of Adnan Badran began. Successively he was appointed the general manager assistant for science with the UNESCO , Paris and then the provisional deputy general manager of the UNESCO. Subsequently, he was then of 1994 - 1998 a deputy general manager with the UNESCO.

Since 1998 Adnan Badran president of the Philadelphia university is in Jordanian ones and since 2005 Prime Minister of its country.

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