Adnan Kashoggi

Adnan Mohammed Kashoggi (* 25. July 1935 in Mekka, Saudi Arabia) applied in the 80's as one of the richest men of the world, although it was actually never that.

Admits became it in the 70's as a weapon dealer, it called itself as a businessman. Its total assets became according to some sources on ten billion dollar, at least however on four billion dollar estimated. It made headlines particularly due to its wasteful life-style.

1986 it accused of mediators with the Iran versus affair to have been 1989 arrested it Swiss authorities on request of the USA, since it is to have helped the Philippine dictator Marcos with illegal business with suppressed state money. To 2. July 1990 acquitted it New Yorker courts of this reproach. Since it hardly still goes in the public into action. Its last appearance was the attendance of a restaurant summit in November 1994 in Casablanca.

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training and occupation

until 1952 he visited the exclusive Victoria college in Alexandria (Egypt), where it learned the later Jordanian king Hussein to know among other things. it went to 1953 into the USA and studied for short time economic science. Only three terms to the California State University in Chio, then one term to the Stanford University in Palo Alto.


Kashoggi was born as an oldest son of Mohammed Chalid Kashoggi, one of the body physicians of the Saudi king Abd aluminium-Aziz ibn Saud. Its father originated from Turkey. He had come as Mekka - pilgrims into the country and remained and brought it up to the vice-minister of health.

From first marriage with his Mrs. Soraya (1961 - 1974) Kashoggi has one daughter (Nabila) and four sons (Mohammed, Khalid, Hussein, Omar). 1978 he married the Lamia Biancolini originating from Italy. Together they have a son (Ali).


in the middle of the 50's it returned to Saudi Arabia and became a businessman. Its first success had it 1956 with the switching of a supply of American trucks to the Saudi army. Its ascent began Kashoggi at 1964 as a general representative of international marks such as Chrysler, Fiats or roll Royce in Saudi Arabia.

Starting from 1965 he earned at the switching of armament businesses between large American companies and the rising Gulf States. During the 70's went to 80 per cent of all weapon supplies of the USA according to the report of a committee of inquiry of the US senate at Saudi Arabia through its hands. It represented companies such as Raytheon or Lockheed, in addition, French and German manufacturers.

Its it controlled business by means of the company Triad getting thing corporation registered in Luxembourg, whose seat was in Beirut. Its it accepted both brothers as partner. 1974 it created the getting thing Triad America in salt Lake town center for the business in the USA.

Stricter international arms controls made its business more difficult starting from the 70's, it invested thereupon in real estates, banks and oil refineries, but many projects failed. 1990 numbered the mirror its fortune on only 50 million dollar.

Its social end began with the becoming known of its entangling into the Iran versus affair. It had put money forward, with which a part of the weapons supplied to Iran was paid. Its career as an international businessman ended finally by the accusation, it dictator Ferdinand Marcos with illegal business helped. It brought in also several months for it in a Swiss prison.


Kashoggis private yacht, designated after its daughter Nabila, was 86 meters long, had a garage for roll Royce, one onboard helicopter and 40 men crew. In the James bond film “say “was never never it under the name “Flying sow cerium” the yacht of the rogue Largo. Everywhere in the world and possesses he possessed messuages, among them once the mansion “Mohamedia” was to the Côte D' Azur, a 2000 hectare large messuage named “La Baraka” in Marbella or two floors in the “Olympic Tower” in the 5th Avenue in New York.


  • sound “mirror “it paid to his first Mrs. Soraya with the divorce 1.5 billion Pound as maintenance.
  • The often described statement, it spends daily 300,000 dollar, disclaimed it allegedly with the words: “Even I do not create it to spend as much money. “

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