Adolf tree brook

Adolf tree brook (* 15. May 1874 in bath Homburg before the height, † 25. March 1945 in Bernau at the Chiemsee) was a German lawyer.

Tree brook studied jurisprudence at the Universities of Leipzig, Marburg and Rostock. it attained a doctorate to 1898 with the right of the Gemeingebrauchs and became finally regional court advice in Berlin. Finally it changed during the First World War into the war Ministry and as a savings commissioner was used there.

Already 1924 appeared the comment written by it for judicial code in first edition. Numerous further works process and commercial law came in addition (commentating the realm cost law, the commercial code, the labor court law, the arbitration, the GmbH law, the law on limited companies and the change and cheque law).

Tree brook became also admits by the development of the tree-Bach cost formula the computation of the legal charges with joint parties.


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