Adolf Bernhard Marx

Adolf Bernhard Marx (* 15. May 1795 in resounds (Saale); † 17. May 1866 in Berlin) was a German music scientist and composer.

Marx, who had studied jurisprudence, took Türk in its hometown music instruction with Daniel God-dear and then in Berlin with Carl Friedrich Zelter. it attained a doctorate to 1827 at the University of Marburg to the Dr. phil. and 1830 became a music professor of the University of Berlin and 1832 director of university music.

it belonged to 1850 beside Julius star and Theodor Kullak to the founders of the extremely regarded Stern' conservatoire, at which it worked as a composition teacher until 1856.

Marx acquired itself particularly as a music-scientific author (in the area of the composition and harmony teachings, its theory of the musical composition in particular 1837-47 appeared), as an author of a Beethoven - Biografie and the book luck and the opera and as a publisher of the works of trade and brook reputation. 1829 it had already supported musical newspaper the performance of the matte house passion as a publisher of the citizens of Berlin general ones by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, and it supported vehement the late work Beethovens, which applied at its time as verworren and unspielbar.

Its compositions - two Oratorien, a Kantate, a Singspiel, organ choralbuch as well as songs, choirs and piano works - had against it little success.

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