Adolf Dassler

Adolf „Adi “Dassler (* 3. November 1900 in Herzogenaurach; † 6. September 1978 in Herzogenaurach) was a German entrepreneur.

After conclusion of school and baker teachings and after its return from the First World War he followed his old dream and manufactured in the Waschküche of its nut/mother its first sport shoes from linen. Its father Christoph, which worked in a shoe factory, supported it and the brothers toe flax of the forging workshop of the same name supplied hand-made spikes. 1924 entered also its brother Rudolf Dassler into the enterprise. With the olympic plays several athletes of models of Adolf Dassler already carried 1928.

Due to personal differences Rudolf Dassler left 1947 the enterprise and created with PUMA its own enterprise. Thereupon Adolf Dassler its enterprise firmierte in adidas (after its pointed name Adi and the first three letters of its surname) over.

Adolf Dassler is together with Raimund Martz (son of the founder of the sole company framas and brother of Adis Mrs. Käthe) the inventor revolutionary of the sport-according to device screwing lug shoe (1953), with which he equipped the German national soccer team for the first time with the WM-triumph 1954 in Berne.

Adi Dasslers son refuge began to put the foundation-stone for the international expansion of the enterprise to 1959 with the structure of adidas France. Further enterprise participation in other countries followed. 1973 created refuge Dassler the swimming article manufacturer arena. After Adolf Dassler died in the year 1978, took over his Mrs. Käthe and Sohn refuge the enterprise. 1989 were converted adidas into a corporation, remained however up to the stock exchange course 1995 in the family estate.

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