Adolf Erman

Adolf Erman (* 31. October 1854 in Berlin, † 26. June 1937 in Berlin) was a German Ägyptologe and founder of the citizens of Berlin Ägyptologi school.

Erman was son George of the Adolf Erman, professor for physics at the University of Berlin. It studiedwith George Ebers in Leipzig and in Berlin Ägyptologie. Since 1885 he was an extraordinary professor for Ägyptologie at the University of Berlin and director of the Egyptian museum. It made important contributions the study of the old-Egyptian language, whose relations with the semitischen languages it worked out.

Erman initiated the structure of the dictionary of the Egyptian language (1926 - 1931, 5 Bde. with 2 Bde. Additions), also today a collection of the hieroglyphischen words still valid in substantial parts after the monuments. In addition involved Hermann Grapow and Ermans pupil were short Sethe.

Sinceit published 1882 together with Heinrich Brugsch the magazine for Egyptian language and antiquity customer .

Erman stood for the religion of the Egyptians reserved opposite.


  • Egypt and Egyptian life in the antiquity (1885)
  • the language of the papyrus Westcar (1889)
  • newEgyptian grammar (1880)
  • Egyptian grammar(1894) (4. Edition 1928)
  • The literature of the Egyptians (1923)
  • the Egyptian religion (1905)
  • dictionary of the Egyptian language (with H. Grapow), 13 Bde (1926-1963)
  • the religion of the Egyptians (1934)

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