Adolf Fredrik Lindblad

Adolf Fredrik Lindblad (* 1. February 1801 in Skenninge, † 23. August 1878 in Linköping) was a Swedish composer.

Lindblad was since 1823 at the university of Uppsala pupil of Friedrich Haeffner and studied 1826 - 27 in Berlin with Carl Friedrich Zelter. 1827 it created a piano school in Stockholm, which it led until 1862.

Lindblad composed one opera (Frondörerna - the rebels), two symphonies, three Violinsonaten and two caper quartets. Its were particularly successful over two hundred songs, which their popularity not least the spreading by the “Swedish nightingale”, which singer Jenny Lind owed and brought in for him the call to Swedish thrust ore. Lindblads C major symphony of 1831 was specified by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy with the garb house orchestra in Leipzig and appeared with broad head & Härtel in the pressure. The D major symphony was uraufgeführt 1855.


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