Adolf Galland

Adolf Galland (* 19. March 1912 in westrecovers, Westphalia; † 9. February 1996 in Remagen upper winters) was Luftwaffe an officer, a flighter pilot and a flier ASS, who served in the armed forces.

Adolf Galland

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Adolf Galland one bore as the second of altogether four sons of an estate manager in Westphalia. It made its first aerotechnical experiences in its native region on gliders. The knowledge and abilities acquired there should it in the comingTo years still often of use its and several times its life save.

In February 1932 Galland applied with the traffic flier school in Braunschweig. It maintained ground opposite 4000 other applicants for one of 20 training places. 1933 it enjoyed top secret flighter pilot training in Italy(Germany was not allowed at this time, by the Versailler contract, air forces maintained). In February 1934 he recruit at the infantry regiment 10 in Dresden and after successful completing of the war school at the end of of 1934 was appointed he the second lieutenant. In March 1935 Galland became the fighter wing 2Arranging yards, I. Group, after Döberitz shifts. With a aerobatics training in October 1935 it fell, whereby its nose was distorted and its sight was considerably lowered. Therefore it was classified by the medical officer as “flight-unfit”, was allowed to fly on however nevertheless.

Galland took civil war at the Spanish in that Legion CONDOR on sides of the troops Francos part. After 15 months it was replaced from Werner Mölders. Although it was not involved in the bombardment of Guernica, it defended it after the war as missed tactical attack of the Air Force. The attack has actually oneRoad bridge in the proximity of the locality applied, which served the Spanish republicans and international brigades as supply route. Galland attributes in its book “first and the latter” to the visibilities bad by smoke and explosion clouds and the primitive goal optics of the bombers.

To 12. May 1940 obtained Galland its first three air victories against Hawker Hurricanes of the Royal air Force over France. In June 1940 Galland came as a commander of the 3. Group to the fighter wing 26 “Schlageter “. To 18. July was promoted Galland to major. Short time laterhe was appointed the Kommodore. Few days later, to 24. September, announced Galland to its 40. Firing.

Galland contributed by its knightly behavior substantially to the call of the “channel hunters”. Thus it met the shot and caught allied flighter pilots Douglas of baths and Robert in this timeStanford Tuck, which it both on its base after pc. Omer invited.

After its 94. Air victory, to 28. , He received February 1942 as a second soldier of the armed forces the brilliants to the knight cross. To 19. November of the same yearly was promoted Galland to major general. With30 years was Adolf Galland thus a youngest general of the German armed forces.

To 22. November 1941 was appointed Galland the general of the flighter pilots and replaced in this position the had an accident comrade Werner Mölders. It could successfully fill out also this function. Among other things succeeded to itthe fighter protection for the passage of the battle ships crowd refuge and Gneisenau as well as the heavy cruiser prince Eugen by the English Channel against the attacks of the Royal air Force (enterprise Cerberus).

In April 1943 the prototype of the jet military plane Messerschmitt ME 262 with success was tested. Gallandit recognized like many other officers with front experience that this airplane urgently for realm defense against the ever more substantial attacks of the 8. Air fleet of the USAAF with their “flying fortresses” was used. Adolf Hitler however wanted to use this ME 262 as lightning bombers against an allied invasion. Galland succeededit only by resignation threat to intersperse the “command Nowotny “for the testing of the jet military plane as fighter in the front employment.

At the 11. April 1944 took place the appointment as the lieutenant general, which received Galland for its achievements as a commander of the flighter pilot forces.

The pressure on the presenting soldier Galland became increasingmore strongly, then one accused to him not to use itself with Göring sufficient against unjustified court martials against young comrades although it had of it knowledge.

At the end of January 1945 came it to “insurmountable differences” between Galland and Hermann Göring to his separation as a general of the flighter pilots. Galland receivedbut on urge Adolf Hitler the instruction to set up the “association of hunting clubs 44” which should be equipped with ME 262. Many of the most successful German flighter pilots announced themselves still briefly before the foreseeable end of war to this elite unit. One said joke detention that the knight cross to the official uniform of this elite federationheard.

Galland experienced the end of war in a military hospital in Bavaria, by bombardment of an American North American P-51 Mustang at the leg hurt. It was transferred from Americans to England and experienced there a 2-jährige war shank.

Starting from 1948 Galland worked as an advisor of the Argentine Air Force. Aftersix years returned Galland to Germany. He became industrial consultant, in addition chairman of the board of three companies of general aviation and an important helicopter employment enterprise.

Admits was Galland also by its passion for cigars, which he gave to 1963 up with a heavy heart. And is the installed cigar owner was legendary in itsBF 109, in order to be able to keep the glowing cigar when putting the oxygen mask on.


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