Adolf green tree

Adolf green tree (* 15. May 1923 in Cologne) is an American philosopher and science theoretician. It studied physics and philosophy at the Weslyan university in Middletown, Connecticut. From 1956 to 1960 it was Selfridge professor at the Leigh University of Bethlehlem and starting from 1960 professor for philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. There it created a center for science theory and wrote work over physical cosmology and different topics to the science theory. It carried fundamental work out to the philosophy of space and time, particularly for spatial and temporal congruence relation.


  • Adolf green tree: The Foundations OF Psychoanalysis. Berkeley: University OF California press 1984; dt.: The bases of the psychoanalysis. A philosophical criticism. Stuttgart: Reclam 1988
  • Philosophical of problem of OF space and Time (second edition, 1973),
  • decaying Science and Zeno's of paradox (second edition, 1968),
  • Validation into the Clinical Theory OF Psychoanalysis: A Study into the Philosophy OF Psychoanalysis, 1993

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