Adolf Grimme

Adolf Grimme (* 31. December 1889 in Goslar; † 27. August 1963 in Degerndorf at the Inn) was a social-democratic German culture politician in the late phase of the Weimar Republic and the early Federal Republic.


Dr. h. C. Adolf Grimme studied philosophy and Germanistik in resounds, to Munich and Goettingen and engaged themselves in this time among other things in the free student movement. After the state examination 1924 it occurred the school service, was first an upper secondary school teacher in Hanover, starting from 1925 upper school advice in Magdeburg. 1928 it became Ministerialrat in the Prussian ministry for education and cultural, one year late vice-president of the Provinzialschulkollegiums of Berlin and the Mark Brandenburg. Starting from 1930 he finally officiated in the follow-up Carl Heinrich Beckers as last Secretaries of cultural affairs of a democratically selected state government in Prussia, which was set off 1932 in the so-calledPrussia impact “.

Grimme belonged in addition to the religious socialist and 1942 because of his connections to the resistance of the so-called red chapel of the Gestapo was arrested and served until 1945 a penal servitude because of Nichtanzeige of a tried high treason . Its active praying hurrying as authors of several handbills, which were in circulation brought, remained undiscovered, which saved the life to him.

To 15. September 1945 refunded Grimme announcement against the LV judge Manfred Roeder because of participation in the judgements against 49 members of the red chapel as well as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Hans's von Dohnanyi u.v.a. The procedure was stopped however - very disputed -.

In the post-war period Grimme to 1948 was the first Secretary of cultural affairs of the country Lower Saxony, before he to 15. November 1948 was appointed the first general manager of the northwestGerman broadcast (NWDR ). it went to 1955 in the age from 66 years into pension. Its grave is on the city cemetery Engesohde in Hanover.

Grimme price and - Institut

after Adolf Grimme was designated the television price Adolf Grimme price of the German people university federation, which was assigned 1964 for the first time in Marl. 1973 were created Medieninstitut in Marl, designated after it, which organized and accomplishes the Adolf Grimme price award annually since 1977. Since 2001 on-line Award assigns the Adolf Grimme institute in addition the Grimme in different categories of the new media.

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