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monument Adolph of Henselts in Schwabach

Adolph of Henselt (original Hans ELT; * 9. May 1814 in Schwabach; † 10. October 1889 in Warmbrunn) was a German composer and piano virtuose of the late romance.


Adolf Henselt becomes to 9. May 1814 in Schwabach born. 1817 draw the family to Munich, where Henselt receives music instruction for the first time. With only three years he begins to learn violin, with five learns he the hammer piano play under Mrs. Geheimrat Josepha of Flad, which was like webers and Meyerbeer pupil of Abbé Vogler. 1832 receive a royal scholarship to Henselt by king Ludwig I. and a six month's piano study completes Johann Nepomuk Hummel in Weimar with the well-known Mozart pupil.

Its first official public appearance, to 29. November 1832 effected in Munich, experiences inspired praise.

Up to the year Henselt in Vienna composition studies 1834 with Simon Sechter (the later teacher of Anton Bruckner). It remains two years there and develops its Virtuosität and technology further. 1836 it meets Chopin in Karl bath. A four years old concert activity follows as a pianist in German and Russian music centers with legendary success. The telling lies height of its technology and the soul-full of its lecture are praised. Robert Schumann and Franz Liszt are inspired of its compositions.

1837 are Henselt several months in Breslau . To 24. He marries October 1837 in bath Salzbrunn (Schlesien) the divorced Rosalie bird (geb. Manger), a friend of Goethe.

1838 become Adolf Henselt the imperial yard pianist of the Zarin and the general music supervisor of the imperial daughter educating homes in pc. Petersburg appointed. From this position it worked the following forty years as a teacher in the music centers of Russia and gave to the Russian Klaviervirtuosentum substantial impulses. This activity was interrupted by vacation summer journeys particularly to Germany (main after Schlesien). 1876 are raised Henselt into the Russian nobility.

To 10. October 1889 dies Henselt at a heart disease during a cure stay in Warmbrunn (Schlesien).


after it is designated the Adolph of Henselt school of music in Schwabach.

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