Adolf Lorenz

Adolf Lorenz (* 1854 in Weidenau today Vidnava, Böhmen; † 19. February 1946 in old person mountain/Lower Austria) was a well-known orthopedist and father of the behavior researcher Konrad Lorenz.


Adolf Lorenz came of very simple conditions. Its father was an upholsterer master and a restaurant operator/barkeeper from Weidenau, the nut/mother was a farmer daughter. By one its uncle, he received the possibility, the pin High School in the Benediktiner pin pc. to a Benediktinermönch. To visit Paul in Kärnten. It could finance its medicine study by a small scholarship as well as an activity as house teachers. 1885 he married Emma Lecher, daughter of the editor-in-chief of the Austrian daily paper the press. 1886 were born the first son Albert, who became likewise later an orthopedist and operated a common practice with the father.

the orthopedist Adolf Lorenz

as a surgeon it specialized in the operational healing of innate hip joint setting and other anatomical deformations. Since it came again and again with these methods to deaths by blood poisonings, it began very promptly to work on alternative welfare methods at those stretching federations and gypsum formworks was used. Its efforts to correct bone deformations by devices strengthened it, after it an allergy against Karbolsäure forced the surgery to give up. Owing to large and spectacular successes with this again developed welfare method he was starting from 1902 a world-well-known physician. Regularly it was into the 1930er years in the USA , where it practiced particularly in New York, among other things also in the white house.

The increasing admittingness accompanied with large prosperity. From Vienna it let a countryseat twenty kilometers northwest establish in old person mountain. The mondäne mansion, which was built in a bombastischen style mixture from Italian Renaissance and art nouveau, lay in a generous garden, which resembled a something wild ores of English park plant. In this house the second son of Adolf and Emma buildup Lorenz, who could hold a numerous crowd of animals in this extensive garden plant. This son was born at one time, when Adolf were 42 years old already 49 and Emma Lorenz. Konrad Lorenz referred to in its memories, on what lucky circumstances its career as a behavior researcher was based.

During the First World War Adolf Lorenz lost its fortune, which he had invested in war loans. It began to likewise practice therefore after end of the First World War together with its meanwhile to the physician to trained son Albert again in New York. Also Konrad the Lorenz forced it to complete first a medicine study before these itself its actual inclination, to which Zoologie was allowed to turn.


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