Adolf Metzner

Adolf Metzner (* 25. April 1910 in Frankenthal (Pfalz); † 4. March 1978 in Hamburg) was an athlete, an olympia participant, an internalist, a Kardiologe and a sport physician.

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Metzner put the Abitur down into Frankenthal . In Frankfurt/Main it studied medicine, whereby it specialized in Kardiologie and sport medicine. During the study it worked successfully in the Leichtathletik, particularly in the 400-Meter-Lauf, in addition, on the 100-Meter-Strecke and in the two relays. Its strengths were a fast start and an outstanding acceleration, its weakness, which finalkeeps in track, showed up particularly over 400 m and resulted from its body size of 1,80 m and a relatively high weight of 79 kg.

After graduation and internal training Metzner made career in Hamburg starting from 1947 in the sport-medical research. There it developed recent Ernst Gadermann the bases the first telemeteric ELECTROCARDIOGRAM at Institut for Leibesübungen as well as that 13 years - measurements with sportsmen. Besides it helped during the weekly paper the time to develop a sport editorship in which it cooperated afterwards for many years. it received a Professur to 1971 to Hamburg Institut for sport medicine.

After Metzner had stepped 1972 into the retirement, he died 1978 in Hamburg and in its place of residence Frankenthal was buried.

sporty ones of successes

German master over 400 m
German master over 400 m
olympia participant over 400 m
German master over 400 m
European champion over 400 m
European champion over 4 X.400 m
German master over 4 x 100 m
olympia participants over 400 m
German master over 4 x 100 m


in honours Metzners was called in Frankenthal the Adolf Metzner donation in the life, which sat down the goal of promoting cultural and social mechanisms of the city. The donation writes and. A. the Adolf Metzner Musikpreis out, which serves the music for the promotion of recent talents in the area and is assigned since 1999 in the two-yearly rhythm.

The 1985 created Adolf Metzner park between Foltzring and forging lane was substantially transformed between 1999 and 2004 and partly shifted something after the west. The clam-shell of well with a bronze sculpture , which represents a Staffelläufer, poured by sculptor Fleer, stands for central place of the park.

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