Adolf Rettelbusch

Johann Adolf Rettelbusch (* 15. December 1858 in chamber forest, Thuringia; † 8. January 1934 in Magdeburg) was a painter and carries the surname breaking painter into.

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Rettelbusch was born as an eighth child of a restaurant operator/barkeeper family. It visited first from 1865 to 1873 the village school and then to 1878 the six-form high school in north living. Rettelbusch went then to Weimar to the grossherzogliche art school Weimar. Tooto its teachers Theodor Hagen and Alexander Struys belonged. He dedicated himself above all to the landscape painting. After it had to break the study off for financial reasons, it put in Berlin 1880 and 1881 with Karl Gussow at the royal academy to thatArts an indication teacher exam off.

Nevertheless it remained unemployed. For 2 years it returned to chamber forest and provided casual labours. Starting from 1883 it completed Berlin , financed by a generous scholarship, at the royal museum of arts and crafts with max cook, Ernst Ewald and Ernst Schaller training in landscape, haven-guess/advise and decorative painting. It received various honors.

Dame mit weißem Kleid
Lady with white dress

1886 and 1887 undertook Rettelbusch a study trip to Italy. Its designs and water colors manufactured there led to an offer of the Preuss.Ministry for trade and trade at Rettelbusch to take over a place as teachers for decorative and general painting at arts and crafts and trade school Magdeburg. Rettelbusch consented and became a teacher, late deputy rector, that with reformed study program under Eduard Spiess opened again school. It remained up to its retirement 1924 at this school. 1906 he was appointed the professor.

Rettelbusch engaged itself strongly in the cultural life of the city Magdeburg. It created 1893 the artist association pc. Lukas,which it led over long years. it belonged to 1912 to the joint founders of the artist association Börde. For a long time he worked also in the executive committee of the art association Magdeburg. In addition it was member of the Freimaurerloge „Ferdinand to the luck blessedness “.

Around 1925 it had itselfthe call as most important landscape painters of Central Germany acquired. A special emphasis of its work applied here, since a breaking into mounting 1887, the resin and breaking into. This registered the name breaking into painter to him .

Rettelbusch created however also various interior designs in churches, restaurants,Locks and property goods in Magdeburg and environment.

It controlled the entire pallet of the mark techniques. While it used beginning above all the water color technology, it turned then the Temperamalerei and later to the oil chalk design . At approximately 1914 it began with that Pastellmalerei and developed to one the best Pastellmaler of its time.

It created haven advice, plant studies, pictures from the agriculture, in addition, from the industry (Krupp Gruson work). Many works developed on journeys abroad (e.g. Italy 1886/87, Spain 1893, on the north land travel1909, in the alps 1914). Further works treat the 1. World war.


1928 he was appointed the honour citizen by chamber forest.

The city Magdeburg designated it in honours a road (Rettelbuschweg).


  • Paintings in that and Gedenkstein at the church of chamber forest
  • it developed approx. 4000 larger work. To a part these are in the culture-historical museum Magdeburg. Several hundreds are in private property.



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