Adolf disk

Adolf disk (R.) with max of Laue

of the physicists Adolf disk (* 9. March 1895 in Zeulenroda; † 20. April 1958 in Berlin) is the developer of the quartz clock in Germany as well as the discoverer of the Inkonstanz of the earth rotation speed.

Adolf disk was sonthe buyer Friedrich disk. It visited the people and six-form high school in Zeulenroda to 1908, put down into Plauen 1914 the Abitur and studied in Munich and others with Professor. Conrad Roentgen. it was attained a doctorate to 1923 in high-frequency engineering with max Vienna of the University of Jena. it occurred 1925 as scientific coworkers the physical-technical institute for realm (PTR) Berlin. 1927 pointed E. Giebe and disk after that quartz rods not only longitudinal oscillations, but also bend and twisting oscillations to become lively to be able. 1928 stepped disk as a government advice the follow-up of Professor.Giebe as chiefs of the high frequency laboratory of the PTR on. Starting from 1930 disk developed the PTR quartz clocks together with Udo Adelsberger. Disk and Adelsberger postulated 1935, which were astronomical daily length inkonstant.

On Scheibes operation the activities of its laboratory became quite fast after beginning of the Second World Waras” war-importantly “classified, whereby its coworkers were exempted from the military service. With the using of the Flächenbombardements on Berlin it shifted 1943 the high frequency laboratory after Zeulenroda. With their retreat from Thuringia the Americans disk, the laboratory equipment deportierten as well as its coworkers including families into its headquarters Heidelberg. WithEstablishment of the Federal Standards Laboratory starting from 1950 in Braunschweig moved also after high frequency laboratory there.

After the war disk participated responsible in the establishment of the Federal Standards Laboratory (first physical-technical institute) in Braunschweig, 1950/1951 as their acting president. 1953 became Professor. Disk leading director thatDepartment of I mechanics of the PTB.

Starting from 1955 disk worked as a fee professor to the Carolo Wilhelmina.

In the spring 1958 Adolf disk died unexpectedly. He was buried on the forest cemetery in Berlin.


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