Adolf William (Saxonia iron oh)

Adolf William (* 15. May 1632; † 21. November 1668 in iron oh) was duke of Saxonia iron oh.

He was the son duke of William IV. of Saxonia Weimar and his Mrs. Eleonore Sophia, born princess of notion. Already in its nineteenth Lebensjahr it bereiste stranger of countries, in particular France, then it took war services in the year 1656 with the king Karl Gustav of Sweden, which led at that time against Poland war, as a Colonel, and was characterised by courage and bravery. It came however with a meeting on Fühnen into imperial shank, from which it was freed by replacing against an imperial Colonel. When it had traveled in the year 1661 again to Sweden, the king Karl Gustav lent the place of a major general of the infantry with a content of 2000 valleys to it.

After the death of its father (1662) Adolf William with its three brothers Johann Ernst, Johann George and Bernhard divided the paternal countries, at which opportunity he received lock, office and city iron oh, office Gerstungen and house width brook, office Lichtenberg and the city east home, while the William castle, which large welsche garden, which residence Weimar, which house waiting castle, which Zillbach together with the wood which land and drink of you, due to, which hall, Ilmen - and Werraflösse and other all four brothers remain jointly. The city iron oh became its residence, Zacharias Prüschenk of lime tree yards its Geheimrath, national director and upper custodian too iron oh.

In the year 1663 Adolf William with the princess Maria Elisabeth, a daughter duke ground itself August von Braunschweig. It witnessed with their five sons, of whom four their birth survived not for a long time and which the latter, only after its death born, already after-died them in the third year of its age. Adolf of William region was assigned to his three brothers. It died to 21. November 1668 in iron oh. Its widow heirathete in the year 1676 the duke Albrecht of Saxonia Coburg and died only 1687.


This article is based on the article of the same name in the general German biography, volume 1, S. 120. Copyrights ran off.


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