Adolph of sour ones

haven-guesses/advises Adolph of sour. Detail from the bronze relief in the wall of the lock Arbon. Provided by the Eglisauer artist Ernst Heller to the sour anniversary 1953

Adolph of sour (* to 14. February 1841 in pc. Gallen, † 23. February 1920 in Arbon), son of the Franz of sour and Maria Catharina sour Kunz, took over 1896 the company “F domizilierte in Arbon. More sourly & " and this developed sons to a industriellen large-scale enterprise, which produced stick machines and manufactured trucks. When Adolph of sour deceased, the company in Arbon employed 2918 persons and obtained a conversion of 32.3 million Swiss Franconia. Briefly after its dying, to 19. March 1920, of the only son Hippolyt (1878-1936) created corporation Adolph of sour forms the actual foundation of the today's sour AG, a technology company, which is active in textile mechanical engineering and in the propulsion technology. (Articles in the historical encyclopedia of Switzerland planned.)


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