Adolphus shrubs

Adolphus shrubs (* 10. July 1839 in Kastel (now Mainz Kastel), † 10. October 1913 in Langenschwalbach (now bath Schwalbach)) were enrich German-American entrepreneur, Brauer and founder of the brewery dynasty Anheuser shrubs in the USA.

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family background

Adolphus was that secondaryyoungest of 22 children of the family shrubs. Its father Ulrich shrubs was a successful dealer, restaurant operator/barkeeper and a basic owner. The Mainzer high school student Adolphus graduated at the academy to Darmstadt and visited a Brussels university. 1857, as hardly 18-jähriger, he was already seized by the travel fever and decided to the emigration. While most of its brothers and sisters remained in Germany, decided some from them to look for their luck in the new world. Among them the brothers Johann

  • , which established a brewery in Washington, Montana, were
  • Ulrich, which married another daughter of Eberhard Anheuser, with it in Chicago lived and to his business with brewery need followed and
  • Anton, late again hop dealers returned home to Mainz.

first successes in America

Adolphus left itself in pc. Louis in the Federal State Missouri down. He was employee in the there wholesale house of William shark smelling yards and learned this profession extremely well. As “Soldier” it belonged three months long to the union army of the north states and was complicated into fights with horse thieves and Indians of the trunk of the Shoshonen. 1859 it acknowledged the service at the army. With the paid off parental inheritance shrubs rose into the wholesale firm of Ernst Wattenberg in pc. Louis. he bought his partner to 1865 out and led the enterprise as wholesale house Adolphus shrubs & cost. further.

The young wholesale dealer made acquaintance with the Lilly Anheuser originating from Bad Kreuznach, for their parents in pc. Louis a small brewery had. To 7. March 1861 was received Adolphus shrubs with the 17-jährigen Lilly the marriage. 1864 motivated it his father-in-law Eberhard Anheuser, into the management of the brewing house Anheuser & cost. to change.

Shrubs led both enterprises until 1869 parallel, sold then its participation in the flourishing wholesale house and took over from William D' Oench the half-share of the Anheuser brewery.


on European journeys to the early 1870er years heard shrubs over successes of Louis Pasteur with killing of micro organisms by brief heating up. The US-Brauer began to experiment and applied in the USA as the first the method of the pasteurization to beer. The barley juice became resistant thereby to variations in temperature and suffered no taste losses. It was possible for the Anheuser brewery to deliver the alcoholic beverage in constant quality generally speaking country.

Shrubs worried about new markets, presented technical innovations and modernized the business processes. 1879 were renamed in acknowledgment of its enormous earnings/services the company in Anheuser shrubs Brewing Association. When Anheuser died in the year after, shrubs became a president of in the meantime largest brewery in the USA and remained it up to its death.

Likewise the light beer brewed of shrubs under the name Budweiser should emerging later than usually-sold beer of the world. 1891 bought shrubs of Carl Conrad the trade mark and the name Budweiser , after Buschs had already brought brewery since 1883 beer under this label on the market. In the same year the Adolphus shrubs Glass Manufacturing company took up the production of Bierflaschen. Shrubs had acquired, präsidierte in the meantime also participation in other breweries a bank and were in some other companies business active or than quiet partner represented. In the year 1901 the beer output Anheuser Buschs exceeded one million barrel for the first time in one year.

the person

the rapid success of the brewery made its owner independent and permitted it for it to work philanthropisch as well as eager promoters of German culture in the states.

Adolphus shrubs let never tear the contacts off to Germany. When 1882 drew a devastating Rhine flood also to Kastel in, the overseas sponsor donated much money to the concerning in the homeland to the Linderung of the worst emergency. In the year 1902 the source of the ox well in its place of residence received a verge with an impressing Gewölbe.

The millionaire could afford later it to use its own railway salon car on journeys which was carried forward also with ship journeys. He spent the summers gladly with his wife in Germany. In after it “mansion Lilly” designated in the Langenschwalbach at that time (today bath Schwalbach) in the Taunus died the umtriebige Brauer in October 1913. Its coffin with the mortal remnants became 1915 by ship and course in the salon car after pc. Louis transports. The brewery was continued by its son August. Lilly, which bore their husband 13 children, deceased to 25. February 1928 in pc. Louis.

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