Adrian Năstase

Adrian Năstase in the white house, July 2004

Adrian Năstase (* 22. June 1950 in Istanbul) is a Romanian politician (a social-democratic party of Romania, PSD).

Năstase originates from an official family, it is for the second time married and has two sons. From 1973 to 1977 it studied law in Bucharest.

Its political career began immediately after the study in the minutes department of the State Department. 1987 he was appointed professor at the University of Bucharest and to the scientist in Institut for jurisprudence. In December 1989 he was an Ambassador in China. It represented the communist and/or. Nicolae Ceauşescus ideology at human right organizations in Strasbourg and Oslo and was an opponent of the” Perestroika “. After the revolution in Romania 1989 were it between 1990 and a 1992 minister of foreign affairs. To 28. December 2000 he became a head of the government Rumäniens.

With the presidency elections in December 2004 it was struck in the ballot surprisingly by his right liberal rival candidate Traian Băsescu. It stepped thereupon to 21. December of its office as an Prime Minister back and took over thereupon the posts of the parliament president. Due to its involving into several corruption procedures it withdrew in March 2006 from this office.

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