Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody in Cannes 2002

Adrien Brody (* 14. April 1973 in New York town center) is an US-American actor.

The son of a teacher and a Hungarian photo lady journalist buildup in Queens and visited at the age of 12Years the American Academy OF drama TIC kind. It made its conclusion to the High School for the Performing kind.

After several appearances in films, which brought in much critic praise for it, by the public were however ignored, succeeded to it 1998 with the narrow burr the break-through. it had 1993 into of Los Angeles a bad motorcycle accident, in which it was heavily hurt. 2002 occupied it novel Polański for the title part of its Holocaust - drama the pianist. For its representation of the Polish Brody kept Jew Wladyslaw Szpilman completely surprising 2003 the OSCAR as best leading actors. It was at that time straight 29 years old and is thereby a youngest actor, who received ever this price in the leading actor category.

In its thank speech it stressed thateach kind of war large wrong causes and therefore to be absolutely prevented must. This quiet demonstration against the Iraq war, which formed a contrast to Michael of moorland for loud appearance, was highly taken into account to him, taken by rights however also badly.


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