of these articles describes the computer game category. For the computer game of the same name see to Adventure (play)
typical Adventure: Aluminium Emmo and the draws to Dutchman's mine

Adventures or adventure play designates a certain category of computer games. In a Adventure the player solves typically differentMystery, finds articles or information, talks with other characters and advances so the which is the center of attention action. The play experience can be based thereby on completely different play elements: some Adventures wants to tell a complex history, some wants with diagonal characters andto funny dialogues the players for laughter and others bring again see themselves than pure mystery plays. Often is the handling of the inventory, i.e. the combination and application of the articles, which one carries with itself, an important play element.

That is fundamentalTo limit category of the Adventures heavily by a definition: also under fans it is disputed with many plays whether it is a Adventure or not. In some cases the term is more generally used, so that also used category such as Action Adventures, games of roles or Multi user Dungeon (MUDs, was based to Multiplayer - on-line games of roles) with it to be meant know. Adventures strictly speaking are then divided in text Adventures and diagram Adventures.

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text Adventures

Text Adventures present the actual play happening in purely textueller form and use diagrams either not at all or as additional illustrative elements. Communication between players and play takes place over a text Parser . Instructions become thereby in natural speech over those Keyboard entered or (as for example in some titles of putting Entertainment) built up from existing text modules and following of the computer interprets. Its play figure one steers thus by commands like „speech with landlord “ or „takes sword “by the fictitiousWorld.

the beginnings

the first play of this kind was Adventure of William Crowther, which the original version 1972 for its children developed and published 1975 in the ARPANET. The late also than Colossal Cave admits becomePlay is considered today as the first Adventure and gave to the category its name. The first Adventures for the new home computers published Scott Adam starting from 1978. Extremely in particular the legendary Zork admits for its text Adventures , - series, was into the 1980ern the AmericanCompany Infocom. Further enterprises of this time were Adventure international (based of Scott Adam), level 9 and Magnetic Scrolls.

There is only a small number of far common standard formats for the spreading of text Adventures, so that almost all classical titles alsostill on the modern systems to be played can - and even some modern titles on classical systems. There such plays technically relatively small requirements of the computer place are suitable it also well to playing on PDAs like that Palm pilot.

text Adventures

play amateur scene within the commercial range practically no more role, since they were already replaced there into the 1980ern von diagram Adventures. A very active municipality of hobby developers developed, to today new playsthis kind develops. Particularly since 1993 the play Curses of Graham Nelson in the blossoming Internet was published to stand the better hobby plays the commercial counterparts of the 1980er in nothing more after, even often exceeds it. Around partial high literary levelmodern text Adventures will clarify to become fair and the relationship in principle the usual literature this kind also than Interactive Fiction (short: IF) originally designates, one from Infocom introduced designation.

In order to make the production possible of own text Adventures also without programming knowledgebecame ever more author systems such as Inform, TADS and the German T.A.G.developed. Most non-commercial text Adventures is written in English language, it gives in addition, a considerable number at Spanish representatives and also the number of the German titles takesafter long stagnation for approximately 2000 continuously too. In competitions like the Interactive Fiction Competition each year the best amateur developments premium ore and to the free Download are made available.


in play books can do the reader by decisions likewise oneaffect textuell represented history.

diagram Adventures

differently than in text Adventures are inserted with diagram Adventures diagrams not only to the Zierde, but than an important component of the play principle. All important details in text form had to be out-formulated before („on the tablea small key lies “) could with the rising technical possibilities the play world be represented also visually.

the first diagram Adventures

trailblazing in the start time of the diagram Adventures was the again created enterprise of on-line system (later: Sierra on-line one)the married people Ken and Roberta Williams. 1980 published the pair with Mystery House the first Adventure with graphic elements, which were limited however still to simple outline drawings. Spielerisch still acted it thereby around a combination, with that thosePictures mainly for the better descriptiveness of the environment were used. At some further titles succeeded to the same design finally to the company 1984 with King's Quest the break-through: for the first time the player was represented graphically by a play figure, which he with the help of the arrow keysby the virtual environment to steer could. Apart from navigation the interaction with the computer functioned to the play figure however like before. For each interaction natürlichsprachige text commands had to be entered over the keyboard.

LucasArts and the mouse control


The first crucial advancement of the diagram Adventures took place 1986 : Murder on the Mississippi von Activision and Deja Vu of ICOM simulation could be played for the first time completely without keyboard. Lucasfilm Games (late LucasArts) published in the same year with labyrinth itsprobably first diagram Adventure, which already showed some beginnings late very successful interaction system of the SCUMM.

Large popularity reached the new, POINT-and-clicks (dt. point out and click) control concept mentioned, when Lucasfilm Games published 1987 with Maniac Mansion its first play,the SCUMM system constructed. A large screen window shows in it a scene from the play world, in which the player can around-steer its age Ego with Mausklicks. The interaction with the environment functions over a set of verbs in the lower display area, alsothe objects from the Spielszene to simple sentences to be together-clicked can (e.g.„Open door “, „use keys with door “).

LucasArts developed the SCUMM technology further in the following years and used it for plays such as Zak McKracken, Monkey Iceland- Row and SAM & max, which like at their time extremely and were successful and possess also today still another large fan municipality. Most of these plays are characterised by multicolored Comicgrafik and a diagonal humor.

The Myst era

a further simplification of the user interface took place starting from 1993 , when the brothers Robyn and edge Miller published its play Myst. Myst represents the happening from the I perspective and got along completely without verbs or other complex interaction models.Ein einfacher Klick in die Umgebung reichte, um durch die Spielwelt zu navigieren und mit ihr zu interagieren. The title was characterised, like its successors, by long product cycles, high production values and aufwändige 3D-Grafiken also in-copied filmed actors. ThatPlay experience is based essentially to explore the environments to decode their function mode and to solve logically combining abstract mysteries. Piece by piece a complex mythology, which was continued also in several novels, reveals itself to the player. Differentlywhen up to then usually the player transferred but represented themselves the role of a prefabricated character to Myst not, that was made possible by using the Egoperspektive.

The Myst - row ranks until today among the bestverkauften play series of computer history, alsoif the youngest folders were no longer as successful as the predecessors. This success led to the fact that in the years after 1993 many competitors brought similar products on the market. These plays often called Myst clones could thatModel however never rank run off. Although to today a faithful fan municipality leads the special concept of the row kept again and again to harscher criticism of players, who do not see attraction in such titles.

death oneCategory?

End of the 1980er and at the beginning of the 1990er Adventures were very popular. Beside LucasArts and Sierra further companies served the market: the Westwood of Studios created with their series of The putting OF Kyrandia its own Fantasy world, the Gobliiins of Coktel vision led in several parts by tricky Fantasy scenes and Simon the Sorcerer of Adventure soft copied the success prescription of the LucasArts classical authors.

Then began however to bring out the ever more sophisticated technology new play types: Ego Shooter such as Doom or Quake revolutionized the play world, duringAttempts, which Adventure category already relatively developed by further innovations to advance often because of the acceptance of the players failed. In addition it came that those preferred ever younger becoming target group less top-heavy plays. Thus the Adventure market stagnated, while the total market grew like an explosion. After thatIn the years 1998 and 1999 the category seemed to finally disappear to publications of the Grim Fandango of LucasArts ( a commercial flop ) and radio COM The Longest Journey praised highly by critics from the image plane to. Considerable companies such as Sierra and LucasArtssaid good-bye completely from their traditional market segment.

upswing in the new millenium

at present is to be recognized however upswing. Ever more high-quality Adventures, which has partly also again considerable commercial success, appears. Began thisDevelopment with the publication of Runaway, which threatened after the appearance in its country of origin Spain first to disappear in the bankrupt's estate of the former Publishers was published then however in the year 2002 nevertheless still of dtp in Germany and finallyalso in other countries to appear could. In the connection internationally Dreamcatcher took care of and in the German-speaking countries dtp the category and each year several Adventures published.

Since the commercially unusually successful Runaway are for example with the dark horror play Black Mirror, the poetic Syberia - doubles of the Comic draughtsman Benoît Sokal or the titles The developed in Germany moment OF Silence and Ankh again high-quality Adventures appeared, which were taken up positively both by the technical literature and by many players. But alsoif the trend to more and better Adventures at present (2006) stops fristet the category further a niche existence: the budgets are substantially smaller than smaller with majority-abler category like the Ego Shootern and the sales figures.

Many the Adventure classical authordo not run any longer problem-free on modern computers. Early Adventures was developed still for computer systems like the C64 or the Amiga, which is still common meanwhile hardly. For these one must use emulators to a large extent, in order to be able to still play it today.An open SOURCE - project named ScummVM works with success to make a free engine available for the old LucasArts Adventures so that these can be played also on modern systems. In the meantime also plays are supported by the system, not upthe SCUMM technology are based.

ever more frequently

the question about the borders of the category arose boundary regions of the category in recent Adventure history. Ever more plays with partial radical innovations created completely new play experiences, those into the usual classification systemsto arrange only with difficulty are.2003 appeared also in Memoriam CD, which was published allegedly of the kidnapper of two journalists as puzzling trace to its hiding place. The player had now in a combination of skill plays and mysteries, alsoAssistance from material Internet search to be solved knew, the secret of the fictitious kidnapper air.

2005 finished Quantic Dream its play Fahrenheit , which like an interactive film with Echtzeit-3D-Grafik was produced and told a complex Science Fiction - history. Differently than with Adventuresusually Fahrenheit essentially consisted of different skill examinations, so that many players the title not when Adventure see.

Apart from the innovations there is also ever more combinations from Adventure, Action Adventure, game of roles and other kinds of play, those the category borders of far up-soft. SoPsychonauts of play designer Tim shepherd, who was responsible for classical authors such as Day OF the Tentacle or full power before, connects elements from Adventures and 3D Jump' n' of run. A demarcation of the Adventures of other plays is today still more badly possible therebyas in the 1980ern.

many fans the development of own Adventures, fan Adventures so mentioned planned amateur scene as reaction to the door of many companies from the Adventuresektor. These are programmed either by reason on orwith suitable development environments arranged. Examples of - programmed likewise of private individuals - graphic development environments of Adventures are, among other things, the Adventure Game Studio, the engine and the German-language Visionaire.

important Adventures

Important series

Period name developer comment
starting from 1979 Zork Infocom most well-known text Adventure series, later also diagram Adventures
starting from 1984 King's Quest Sierra on-line one programs on-line space adventures with
cult figure Roger Wilco from Roberta Williams starting from 1986 space Quest Sierra
starting from 1987 policy Quest Sierra on-line one
starting from 1987 Leisure Suit Larry Sierra on-line one slippery adventures of aluminium lion with cult figure Larry Laffer
starting from 1989 Quest for Glory Sierra on-line Adventure series with game of roles elements
starting from 1989 Laura Bow Sierra on-line one two-piece Krimiadventure series in the Agatha Christie - style
Starting from 1990 Monkey Iceland LucasArts cult series around the Möchtegern Piraten Guybrush Threepwood
starting from 1991 Gobliiins Coktel vision with emphasis on tricky mysteries and co-operation of the Protagonisten
starting from 1992 The putting OF Kyrandia Westwood of Studios three-part adventure series around yard fools and Zauberer
off 1993 Gabriel Knight Sierra on-line Mystery Abenteuerserie of Jane Jensen
starting from 1993 Myst cyanogen Worlds, Broderbund most successful Adventure series, disputed play principle
starting from 1993 Simon the Sorcerer Adventure softly Zaubererabenteuer in the style of Monkey Iceland
starting from 1995 Discworld Psygnosis, GTA after Terry Pratchett
starting from 1995 Baphomets curse revolution software adventure series in the Indiana Jones - style
starting from 2002 Syberia Microïds classical adventure of Benoît Sokal

important singles matches

Year title developer comment
1975 Adventure William Crowther first text Adventure
1978 automatic data processing door country Scott Adam first text Adventure for home computer
1980 Mystery House Sierra on-line one first Adventure with graphic elements
1984 The Hitchhiker's Guide ton the Galaxy Infocom after Douglas of Adam
1984 The main header bit Melbourne House after J. R. R. Tolkien
1984 Gordon Saga Michael Nickles German text Adventure with a Parser, complete German sentences processed
1986 Leather Goddesses OF Phobos Infocom
1986 Murder on the Mississippi Activision first diagram Adventure with mouse control
1986 Deja Vu Mindscape led beside Murder on the Mississippi the mouse control
the SCUMM - system in and inspired many later Adventures 1988 The Guild OF Thieves Magnetic Scrolls 1988 Zak McKracken
LucasFilm Games second SCUMM - particularly led
1987 Maniac a Mansion LucasFilm Games play , that with humor and interface in Germany many1989 Indiana
Jones and the last crusade LucasFilm Games conversion parallel of the motion picture film appeared found fans
1990 the hour glass of world weltenschmiede one of the few successful German-language text Adventures
1990 LOOM LucasFilm Games innovative Fantasy Adventure, that over notes with the player communicate
1991 Cruise for A Corpse of dolphins software first Adventure with liquid vector diagrams
1992 Indiana Jones and the Fate OF Atlantis LucasArts offers three different solution methods, which unite to the end again.
1992 Freddy Pharkas Sierra on-line Western Parodie of aluminium lion
1993 Curses Graham Nelson Nichtkommerzielles text Adventure
1993 Day OF the Tentacle LucasArts new Comic style with LucasArts 1993
SAM & max hit led a the Road LucasArts be based on the Comic - duo of Steve Purcell
1994 inheriting the earth The DreamersGuild futuristic Adventure after becoming extinct mankind
1994 Beneath A Steel Sky revolution software Science Fiction Adventure with revolution software to large admittingness came
1995 fills Throttle LucasArts skirt he adventure with Actioneinlagen
1995 The Dig LucasArts serious Science Fiction Adventure
1996 Toonstruck Virgin Interactive Mixture from crude humor, multicolored Comic diagram and the abgefilmten Christopher Lloyd in the main role
of 1997 The load express Broderbund innovation by expiration of real time of history
1997 Blade Runner Westwood of Studios Aufwändiges play to the film
1997 Floyd Adventure soft funny space adventure inStyle of 1984
1998 Grim Fandango LucasArts led new control concept in LucasArts Adventures
1998 Sanitarium ASC Games Adventure an adventure futuristic in
the surrealen style 1999 The Longest Journey Funcom around reality and dream world
2003 Runaway: A Road Adventure Pendulo of Studios classicalAdventure, that the category far upwind gave
classical Adventure to 2004 Black Mirror Future Games around a mysterious lock
2004 The moment OF Silence House OF of valley first large Adventure for several years, which was developed in Germany
2005 would run quietly Microïds last Adventure of Microïds
2005 Fahrenheit Quantic Dream interactive film in Echtzeit-3D
2005 Ankh deck 13 was selected from the industry to the “best German play 2005”


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