Aegidius bush

Aegidius bush (* 21. February 1632 in joke mountain, † 13. December 1692 in Danzig) was a lutherischer theologian.

Aegidius Strauch, Kupferstich
Aegidius bush, copper pass

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Aegidius bush became as a son of the professor of the rights and kurfürstlichen advice Johann bush to 21. February 1632 in joke mountain born. 1646 it already visited the lectures at the Wittenberger university and worked in the areas of history, mathematics and eastern languages. it changed 1649 to the University of Leipzig, where it continued its language studies and to the study of theology dedicated themselves. 1650 it returned to joke mountain and habilitierte 1651 as Magister. It was appointed by its frequently disputierten Privatkollegien 1653 member of the philosophical faculty and 1656 as the extraordinary professor of history. Further it received to 1659 the Professur of mathematics which it 1664 again down put, in order to work as a tidy historical professor. it received public Kollegien to 1655 from the theological faculty permission to lead. Bush acquired itself 1657 theological braid act, became 1662 doctor of theology and 1666 appointed one it the Assessor of the theological faculty at the Wittenberger university. Above all topic controversy with Ulrich the Calixt made for it to create, so that it followed 1669 a call as a minister to the Trinitatskirche and rector of the High School in Danzig. But soon it had theological opponents , whom it attacked by Polemisieren against Calvinisten, Synkretisten and Papisten of the pulpit and in writings also in Danzig its. When it did not correspond to 1673 the died king of Poland the descriptor blessedly refused and the Einigungsversuchen of the advice, one dismissed it to 28. December 1673. However bush had attained reputation with the common people, since it pursued goals without reputation of the person its. So that on the dismissal unrests threatened, those the advice of Danzig forced it again into its office to 4. To begin January 1674. This called however again its opponents on the plan, who tried in dirty way to induce now the advice to it bush from their surrounding field to remove. When it followed 1675 a call on after grab forest, it was imprisoned set in short in Küstrin. Only as the cure prince of Saxonia and the king of Poland of the cure prince of Brandenburg around the release of bush asked became he to 9. July 1678 from the unfounded detention dismisses. Bush turned after its release to 20. July 1678 after Danzig back and became by the Danziger advice to 8. September 1678 again into its offices imported and the disputes with the Danziger clergymen settled. Bush deceased to 13. December 1692 in Danzig.


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