African national Congress

African national Congress is (was) the name of several independence parties in the southern Africa.

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South Africa

the African national congress (ANC) went 1925 out of to 8. January 1912 in Bloemfontein created South African native one national Congress (SANNC) out. The ANC understood itself - understands and - as protection of interests of the Black African and colored subpopulations of South Africa anddue to the disadvantage and suppression of the black ones one based.

The armed arm was called Umkhonto incoming goods Sizwe.

During the cold war the ANC was in a marxist manner aligned. Since it turned against the South African apartheid regime, many were arrested its activists orhad to flee abroad. To 8. April 1960 is forbidden the organization, this prohibition is again waived 1990.

Since that 9. May 1994, the end of the apartheid regime, places the ANC the government of the Republic of South Africa.

The ANC becomes of Xhosa - people dominates, one of the larger political opposition parties, the Inkatha Freedom party, of the Zulu.

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of the ANC was also the independence party in later Zambia (see Nordrhodesien). 1948 were created a predecessor party of the ANC, itself 1951 in “Northern Rhodesian African national Congress “renamed.

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