African union

African union
Emblem der Afrikanischen Union
hymn: Let US all unite and celebrate more together [1]
53 Mitglieder
office languages the African languages, and Arab, English, French and Portuguese

some member states have further office languages.

President of the African union Denis Sassou Nguesso
of chairmen of the commission alpha Oumar Konaré

- entire

place 1 *

29.797.500 km ²


- entire (2000)
- Density

place 3 *

25,7 EW/km ²


- entire
- Entire
- BIP/head
- BIP/head

place 16 *

1,515 billion US-$ (PPP)


- as OAU

25. May 1963
9. July 2002

currencies each state has its own currency. (Common currency planned)
time belt UTC -1 to UTC +4
Internet Domain Each state has its own Domain.
Preselection each state has its own preselection, but all begin the African
union (ABC with

+2 *Als individual state seen OUTER ONE; English. African union, frz. Union africaine) is an intergovernmental organization,the 2002 the follow-up of the organization for African unit (OAU) began and for co-operation in all areas to use itself is. Planned is among other things an African Court of Justice. Seat of the organization is Addis Abeba. Member states are all states of Africa- to time 53 - except Morocco, which withdrew because of the conflict around the democratic Arab republic seeing era from the predecessor organization OAU and in a membership in that OUTER ONES at present is not interested. Co-operation with Mauritania is since August 2005 because of there Militärput suspends.

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the African union (OUTER ONE) is a union of at the beginning of 53 African States of, those the new organization by thoseformal Verabschiedung of an establishment Charter with a summit in the Zambian capital Lusaka (9. - 11. July 2001) officially in the life called. Those OUTER ONES replaced the organization for African unit (OAU) after will of the signatory states and those OUTER ONES with moreAuthority out. The contracts, those the dissolution to 25. May 1963 created OAU contain, of 45 of the 53 states had been before already ratified.

The initiative for the establishment of the new African union goes on the Libyan revolution leader Muammar aluminium-Gaddafiback. It had occurred and at large financial expenditure with the African heads of state for it had recruited vehement for the idea of a union. Aluminium-Gaddafi explained itself ready to finance many institutions that OUTER ONES and convinced thereby many Skeptiker. The Charter thatAfrican union partly orients itself at the model of the European union. The Constitution contains among other things explanations for attention of the human rights and for the sovereignty of the member states, in addition, a passage for the intervention of the union in member states under certain conditions. Plannedare an African parliament (without legislation powers), a common central bank, a commission with tasks of executive as well as a continental Court of Justice and a common currency. Until these goals are carried out, however some time could offense. At short notice the economic aspects of the union have greater importance.Because Africa contributes only with two per cent to the world trade, the states want to arise now together, in order to adjust this weakness in the course of the globalization as far as possible.


the first Secretary-General of the African union, the former minister of foreign affairsthe Ivory Coast Amara Essy with the summit in Lusaka (Zambia) into his office one selected.

In February 2003 those agreed OUTER ONES on a strike force and a outer security council after model of the United Nations with right to intervene. This became to 25. May 2004 officially based.

In March 2004 the first meeting of the panafrikanischen parliament was solemnly opened within that OUTER ONES. First parliament president is Gertrude Mongella. The outer parliament has advisory function and has its seat in the South African city edge of avoiding, whereto 16. September 2004 also the first work meeting took place.

Since December 2004 those engages itself OUTER ONES with a peace-supervising mission (REVISION MODIFICATIONS) in the crisis region Darfur in the Sudan.

Due to Militärput in Mauritania this member state became to 5. August „up to the re-establishment of the constitutional order “temporarily impossible from that OUTER ONES.

The economic development program that OUTER ONES is called NEPAD.

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