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a plaque with a photo of Agatha Christie at the Torre Abbey in Torquay.

Lady Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie DBE (* 15. September 1890 in Torquay; † 12. January 1976 in Wallingford), was a British authoress.Admits became it by a large number of detective stories and Kurzgeschichten, which were filmed also several times with large success. Their most famous creations are the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and the altjüngferliche measure Marple. Apart from its literary activity it supportedher second man, the archaeologist max of Mallowan, on its excavations in north Iraq and Syria, in particular with the restoration of prähistorischer ceramic(s) and the photo documentation of the finds. Also it contributed considerably to the financing of these expeditions.

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Agatha Christie became as Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller to 15. September 1890 in the British Torquay (county Devonian) born. It was the youngest child of Frederick Alvah, A brother Monty and a sister Madge had Miller and his Mrs. Clarissa Miller. The nut/mother, born Boehmer, was Englishwoman, the father American. It referred incomes from business in overseas, over which nothing details admit are, thosehowever a wealthy life for the family possible made. The father died already 1901, Agatha was at that time 11 years old.

Agatha Christie buildup in the viktorianischen mansion Ashfield and became up to their 16. Lebensjahr not in a school, but oftheir parents (and/or. the nut/mother) informed, early their literary talent recognized. With 11 years it published a first poem in a local newspaper.

Their music study in Paris, begun first , gave it up with beginning of the First World War and worked asNurse with the British red cross. (In this time she gained many experiences with the poisons, the late in its works a role played.)

1914 married her Colonels Archibald Christie, a flier of the royal Air Force. With it it had oneDaughter, Rosalind, to 5. August 1919 was born. After outbreak of the First World War Christie worked first as a nurse (Voluntary Aid Detachement) in the local hospital, later in a pharmacy.

1920 appeared their first crime film: „The missing member inthe chain “(English: „The Mysterious Affair RK Styles “) with the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, first in the USA, 1921 then in England.

In its literary activity Agatha Christie had fast success, privately however ran the twenties rather unfortunately:Their man left it occupationally more frequently alone, to 1926 died their nut/mother - an event, which carried her forward by SE already much, in addition had Ashfield to be vacated. Anyway exhausted of this situation, you confessed its man an affair with a Golfpartnerin.Christie fallow perfectly together, left the house, and after a spectacular search action ten days later in a hotel in Harrogate was found - with a nearly complete memory decrease concerning these ten days. 1928 became the marriage divorced. History overdisappearing Agatha Christie 1979 converted by director Michael Apted cinematic into „the secret of the Agatha Christie “(Agatha) with Vanessa Redgrave in the main role.

In order to recover from the strains of the past years, it decidedrelative to spontaneously in the autumn this yearly 1928 an expanded journey to the Near East and traveled itself with the Orient express to Bagdad. This spontaneous decision (actually it had the westIndian islands as destination angedacht) should the life Agatha Christieschange considerably and large influence on their literary work exert. It was not however their first meeting with the Near East, as a young woman it with its nut/mother in Cairo had already been. From Bagdad it continued to travel afterUr, where the archaeologist Leonard Woolley was busy with excavations, which had at that time excited strong attention in England. It and his Mrs. Katharine received celebrity Agatha Christie high-pleased; it remained longer time at the excavation team and befriended themselves alsothe Woolleys on, which did not prevent it however to process it later in its novel „murder in Mesopotamien “rightfully unpleasant main figures. When it returned to London, it did this with an invitation Katherines in the luggage, in the spring 1930to return.

With this second stay in Ur she became acquainted with the 14 years younger archaeologist max of Mallowan, which worked however as an excavation assistant at Woolley (with its first attendance because of appendicitis was absent). Mallowan was abkommandiert of the Woolleys „“,To show Agatha the excavations and the area. On this occasion the two fell in love. Agatha Christie had to return very soon (still in the spring 1930) because of an illness of their daughter to England, max of Mallowan already accompanied it on this return trip.Zögerlich finally accepted Agatha a proposal of the so many recent max, at the 11. Septembers 1930 married the two in Edinburgh.

1930 dipped murder with the novel „in the parsonage building “(English: „The Murder RK the Vicarage “) a new detective figure up:the altjüngferliche measure Marple. In the following years Agatha Christie wrote numerous novels. Many of it developed during the archaeological expeditions with their man. It describes their experiences of one of the expeditions, which she led to Syria, on in „memorylucky days “(English: „Come, tell ME how you live “). „Curtain “(English: „Curtain “), Hercule Poirots last case, and „peace roughly “(English: „Sleeping more murder “) with measure Marple wrote it already 1940. Both novels became however only briefly forwards and/or. after theirDeath publishes, since Agatha Christie wanted to retain both as quiet reserve for unexpected cases. In addition „curtain is “indeed Poirots last case, because its Schöpferin was its so überdrüssig that it let him die. There Poirot however their main source of incomeit was it was necessary that it solved some cases up to the appearance of „curtain “still.

Agatha Christies daughter Rosalind Christie married at the beginning of the Second World War stroke ore Prichard and brought to 21. September 1943 Mathew Prichard to the world. Their manfell in the war and it was received 1949 a marriage with Anthony Hicks .

Agatha Christie made also in the theatre career, because due to bad experiences she decided to only work on her pieces for the stage and was with enthusiasmwith production thereby. One of their pieces of stage is „the Mausefalle “, which is world-wide the most frequently specified play.

1970 appeared to their 80. Birthday for Christie atypical the novel „passport-close ton Frankfurt “, in that it around a world conspiracyfrom neo-Nazis goes. The disputed book was so far not translated as only into German.

1971 received Agatha Christie to the medal of the British Empire from queen Elizabeth II., the highest stage within this medal, connected with the title„Lady COMM other OF the British Empire “.

Their last novel „age does not protect against sense of sharp “(English: „Postern OF fate “) wrote it between 1973 and 74.

To 12. January 1976 died Agatha Christie in Winterbrook House in the place Wallingford, county Oxfordshire at an impact accumulation. 1977 appeared finally their Autobiografie „my good old time “(English: „At Autobiography “), which had developed to a large extent in the years 1950 to 65. A liquid written, honest memory of things, which were important Agatha Christie, alsoEmphasis on their childhood. In addition ones to their autobiography the biography can be consulted by Janet Morgan. Agatha Christies daughter Rosalind asked Mrs. Morgan to write an authorized biography of their nut/mother. From extensive source study and questioning of Agathas friends resulteda detailed description of their life.

Altogether Agatha Christie wrote more than 70 detective stories, in addition, Kurzgeschichten and pieces of stage. According to conservative estimations Agatha Christie sold in the meantime over 2 billion books, like its grandchild and inheritance Mathew Prichard upthe official Christie Website stresses. It is considered thereby as the most successful Kriminalschriftstellerin of the world. Under the alias Mary Westmacott wrote it in addition several romantic books. Beyond that there are numerous filmings of their pieces of stage and books.


Hercule Poirot row

  • the mysterious crime in Styles / the missing member in the chain (1920)
  • murder on the golf course (1923)
  • Poirot counts off / Hercule Poirot counts starting from (1924)
  • alibi / Roger Ackroydand its murderer (1926)
  • the large four (1927)
  • the blue express (1928)
  • the house at the dune (1932)
  • thirteen with table (1933)
  • the woman in the Kimono / murder in the Orient express / The red Kimono (1934)
  • nicotine (1934)
  • death in the clouds (1935)
  • the ABC timetable / the murders of the Mr. ABC (1936)
  • maps on the table / with open maps (1936)
  • A woman in danger / murder in Mesopotamien (1936)
  • death on the Nile (1937)
  • the ball-playing dog (1937)
  • Hercule Poirot sleeps never (1937)
  • death waits/rendezvous with a corpse (1938)
  • Hercule Poirots Christmas (1938)
  • the secret of the buckle shoes (1940)
  • Morphium (1940)
  • mystery around Arlena / the bad under the sun (1941)
  • the unfinished portrait (1942)
  • the owl house (1946)
  • The work of the Herkules (1947)
  • the death eddy (1948)
  • four women and a murder (1951)
  • the wax bouquet (1953)
  • the Kleptomanin (1955)
  • seeing again with Mrs. More olive (1956)
  • The cat in the pigeon impact (1959)
  • on double trace (1963)
  • the forgetful Mörderin (1966)
  • Schneewittchen party (1969)
  • elephant forgotten (1972)
  • also on-time departure performance cannot kill (1974)
  • curtain (1975)
  • Among other things Hercule Poirots Casebook (1984

) became „murder in the Orientexpress “, „the wax bouquet “, and „four women and a murder “for filming adapts and/or. are loosely based these films on their novel collecting mains.

Work on []

Measure Jane Marple row

  • murder in the parsonage building (1930)
  • the Tuesday evening club / the disappeared gold bar (13 crime film alga layers) (1932)
  • measure Marple: The mystery of the dancer / the dead one in the library (1942)
  • the shade hand (1942)
  • A murder announced / measure Marple: The author lets Fata Morgana (1952
  • ) ask (1950)
  • the secret of the gold mine / measures Marple: The secret of the blackbirds (1953)
  • 16 o'clock 50 starting from PAD thing clay/tone (1957; Filming)
  • stupidity is dangerous / murder in the mirror or stupidity is dangerous / measures Marple: The message of the Madonna (1962)
  • Caribbean affair / measure Marple: Caribbean summer (1964)
  • Bertrams hotel (1965)
  • The fate in person (1971)
  • peace rough (1976)
  • measure Marple's finally Cases and two OTHER Stories (1979)
  • measure Marples of cases (1985)

Tommy and Tuppence Beresford row

  • the adventurersG.m.b.H. / A dangerous opponent (1922)
  • the can of the Pandora (1929)
  • the house of the Mrs. Perenna / Rotkäppchen and the bad wolf (1941)
  • Greenshaws illusion (1960)
  • loud attractive old ladies (1968)
  • Age does not protect sense of sharp before / the mysterious message (1973)

other books

  • the man in the brown suit (1924)
  • the memoirs of the Minister / the memoirs of the count (1925)
  • 7 clocks / The last Joker (1929)
  • the secret of Sittaford (1931)
  • a step in emptiness (1934)
  • and then gabs none more / last Weekend / ten small negro flax (1939)
  • dying in Wychwood (1939)
  • Briefly before midnight (1944)
  • Rächende of spirit (1944)
  • prussic acid (1945)
  • memory to lucky days (1946)
  • the bent house (1946)
  • you came to Bagdad (1951)
  • the uncannyAway (1954)
  • ordeal by fire of the innocence / deadly mistake or ordeal by fire of the innocence (1958)
  • the pale horse (1961)
  • murder of made to measure (1967)
  • passport-close ton Frankfurt. At Extravaganza (1970; so far not in) [Work on


  • old time appeared German. The autobiography of a lady (1977)

as Mary Westmacott

  • singing glass (of 1930)
  • the unfinished haven-guesses/advises (1934)
  • a spring without you / Displaced suspicion (1944)
  • the rose and the Eibe (1948)
  • you is my daughter (1952)
  • late luck (1956)

your most famous piece of stage: The Mausefalle

the Kriminalstück „The Mousetrap “(dt.: „The Mausefalle “), 1947 developed, becomes since his premiere to 25. November 1952 continuously each evening in London easily and holds thereby a lonely record in theatre history and stands thereby also in the Guinness book of the records. Originally specified in „the Ambassadors Theatre “, pulledit 1974 into the neighbouring, larger „pc. Martin's Theatre “over. To 25. November 2002 became the 50-jährige anniversary in presence of Queen Elizabeth II.celebrated. In the course of the years the piece became alone in London approx. 22.000 times easily. Furtherit was translated so far into 24 languages and specified in 40 countries. Thus it reached over 10 million spectator. Agatha Christies grandchild receives the incomes from the author rights.

Filmings of the piece failed so far because of the fact that, after an order ofChristie, these after joggle of the piece in the theatre in attack to be only taken may. On it is not to be counted however until further notice.

contents of

Molly and Giles Davis have their messuage „Monkswell Manor “into a pensionconverted and look forward to their first guests. Briefly after their arrival the house with a snowstorm completely one in-snows and by the external world one cuts off. Only one policeman can pierce himself still into the house and forewarns the present ones a mad murderer, who is to be among them and who already slams shut soon thereafter.

To the end of the piece of stage a speaker addresses itself on the stage to the public and asks it not to betray the dissolution of the piece,which seems at the enormous number of past visitors a little strange. Is to be followed in addition, to the desire here.

A variation of history is also in „ten small negro flax “(Ten little Niggers or the load Weekend, 1939)to find. All persons at a separated place are dezimiert also here by an unknown murderer.

further pieces of stage

  • alibi (collecting main: Novel The Murder OF Roger Ackroyd)
premiere: 15. May 1928 in the Prince OF Wales' Theatre, London
  • Black coffee
premiere: 8. December 1930 in „the Embassy Theatre “, London
  • Love from A Stranger (collecting main: Kurzgeschichte Philomel Cottage from the collection The Listerdale Mystery)
premiere: 31. March 1936 in „the new Theatre “, London
  • Cards on the Table (after the of the same nameNovel)
premiere: 9. December 1936
  • Peril RK end to House (after the novel of the same name)
premiere: 1. May 1940
  • Ten little Niggers (after the novel of the same name)
premiere: 17. November 1943 in „the pc. James' Theatre “, London
  • Appointment with Death (after the novel of the same name)
Premiere: 31. March 1945 in „the Piccadilly Theatre “, London
  • Murder on the Nile (collecting main: Novel Death on the Nile)
premiere: 9. April 1945 u.d.T. „Hidden Horizon “in Wimbledon, u.d.T. “Murder on the Nile” to 19. March 1946 in „the AmbassadorsTheatre “, London
  • Murder RK the Vicarage (after the novel of the same name)
premiere: 16. December 1949 in „the Playhouse “, London
  • The Hollow (after the novel of the same name)
premiere: 7. June 1951 in „the Fortune Theatre “, London
  • Witness for the Prosecution (collecting main: the Kurzgeschichte of the same name outthe collection The Houd OF Death and OTHER Stories)
premiere: 28. October 1953 in „the winter guards Theatre “, London
  • Spider's Web
premiere: 13. December 1954 in „the Savoy Theatre “, London
  • Towards Zero (after the novel of the same name)
premiere: 4. September 1956 in„Pc. James' Theatre “, London
  • Verdict
premiere: 22. May 1958 in „the beach Theatre “, London
  • The unexpected Guest
premiere: 12. August 1958 in „the Duchess Theatre “, London
  • Go bake for Murder (collecting main: Novel Five little pigs)
premiere: 23. March 1960 in „the DuchessTheatre “, London
  • Rule OF Three (consisting of the three one-act plays The of advice, Afternoon RK the Seaside and The patient)
premiere: 20. December 1962 in „the Duchess Theatre “, London
  • Fiddlers Three
premiere: 1972
  • A Murder is Announced (after the of the same nameNovel)
premiere: 21. September 1977 in „the Vaudeville Theatre “, London
  • Akhnaton (so far yet was not specified)

a corpse to the Dessert

into the Krimiparodie a corpse to the Dessert (Murder by Death, 1976) played Elsa Lanchester the figure„measure Jessica Marbles “, which clear loans on „measure Marple “exhibits. James Coco played „Monsieur Milo Perrier “and embodied thereby a kind Hercule Poirot. There were still loans to further well-known detective story figures, like Charlie Chan, SAM Spade and the thin man. All Protagonisten was met at a lonely place and their host was murdered - apparent by one the present one (clear loans on „the Mausefalle “, and/or. „Ten small negro flax “of Agatha Christe).

Completely in the end weightsitself rightfully the host (represented of the writer Truman Capote):

„You for years at the nose led around your readers. You tormented us all with surprising ends, which make at all no sense. Still on the last five sidesyou characters introduced, which did not emerge before generally speaking book and have us references withheld, which made it impossible for us, to find out who did it… “
(translation of the original English dialogue, the used German dialogue in the film deviates somewhat.)

This round envelope against the crime film authors seems justified, because unfortunately also Agatha Christie did not facilitate the Mitraten in different novels for its readers straight.


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