Agathon Fain

Agathon Jean François Fain (* 11. January 1778 in Paris, France; † 14. September 1837 ebenda) was baron and secret secretary Napoleon I.

It was very early in the offices of the national assembly employed, 1793 secretary of the military committeethe national convention and 1796 division boss of archives as well as soon thereafter undersecretary of state, 1806 came as a archives secretary into the secret cabinet of the emperor, 1807 Requetenmeister, 1809 the baron and at the beginning of of 1813 the secret secretary of the emperor were appointed. This accompanied it on allits courses up to the resignation in Fontainebleau, where it sketched the Abdikationsakte. The restoration robbed its place from it as a chief of French archives, but stepped it after Napoleons' return again into its earlier position. After the second restoration withoutEmployment, he became only 1830 first cabinet secretary Ludwig Philipps, 1832 general managers of the civil list, the Council of State and large officer of the Ehrenlegion, 1834 Deputierter. It died to 14. September 1837.

Interesting for the diplomatic history of the time at that time are also Fainsinto German translated writings:

“Manuscrit de l'an 1814, trouvé dans les voitures impériales prises à Waterloo” (Par. 1823; German, Berl. 1823)
“Manuscrit de l'an 1813” (Par. 1824-25, 2 Bde. ; German, Stuttg. 1825)
“Manuscrit de l'an 1812” (Par. 1827, 2 Bde. ;German, Leipz. 1827)
“Manuscrit de l'an III (1794-95)” (Par. 1828; German, Leipz. 1829).

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