Agence France press

the French AFP (Agence France press) is the oldest international press agency. Based 1835 in of Paris von Charles Louis Havas were first well-known as “Agence feuilles politiques, correspondence générale” it. Today it is world-wide active as third biggest press agency and has beside the center in of Paris offices and coworkers in 110 countries. It offers messages in seven languages.


was renamed it to 20. August 1944, the day of the release from Paris, when a group of journalists sent française de Presse” into the agency building to the Place de la Bourse marched and the first text of the “Agence into the world. One month later it kept to their to today valid name “Agence France press”.

right status

1957 received the AFP a right status, to that the public Approximates broadcasting corporations in Germany. Control of the enterprise is subject to the French press with strong dominance. The legally embodied status guarantees the independence from state and private properties.

Today the AFP has approximately 1200 established journalists, among them about 250 photographers, and more than 2000 free coworkers in 165 countries. Thus it has one the closest Korrespondentennetze world-wide.

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