Agents die lonely

film data
of German titles: Agents die lonely
original titles: Where Eagle Dare
production country: The USA
feature year: 1968
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 151 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Brian G. Hat clay/tone
film script: Alistair MacLean
production: Denis gets, Elliott Kastner
music: Ron Goodwin
camera: Arthur Ibbetson
cut: Jojn Jympson

agent is lonely an US-American war film /agent film dies from the year 1968. The film playing in the Second World War became of director Brian G. Hat clay/tone after a film script of Alistair MacLean films.

Table of contents


Germany 1944: The US-American general George Carnaby is shot over Bavaria in an airplane. The armed forces transport it into a heavily fastened lock in the alps, thereby it over the forthcoming invasion of the American army ( D-Day) are cross-examined there. In order to prevent that the general can abandon important information, it is to free it a special-purpose force, which is stated by experienced major Smith (smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burton). The US-American lieutenant Schaffer (Clint Eastwood) was assigned to the English command as an elite fighter. After Smith and its troop over the nocturnal alps jumped off, several members of the command under strange circumstances come to death. Finally to Smith and Schaffer succeed in penetrating into in the best way guarded castle.

There major Smith reveals the true goal of the mission - uncovering and removal of a group of German feeler gauges within the British secret service MI6. After it turns out that three members of its group are double agents and betrayed the mission, he takes these prisoner, can however by a refined trick at a list of German agents in Great Britain arrive before. Carnaby emerges besides as an American actor, who sees similar for confounding to the genuine general. The firing was fictitious, in order to be able to question intensively the German feeler gauges with the MI6 and approach to their guidance officers.

The escape from the lock finally succeeds to the group after wild shootings. On the flight back to England Smith gives the name of the German Top feeler gauge price to its superior Wyatt Turner: Wyatt Turner. In such a way recognized double agent sees no more way out and jumps out of the machine. Without parachute


Hollywoodstar smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burton, whose previous films floppten, contacted the film producer Elliott Kastner, in order to direct its career again into the correct course. To write the established author Alistair MacLean, which could book 1961 world-wide success with the cannons of Navarone, with it entrusts a suitable film script. MacLean wrote the original film script to agents dies lonely - which it to a success novel adapts later - in only six weeks. Clint Eastwood, which already ranked among this time to most popular act ion star and even was accustomed at main roles, should the second main role beside Burton play and could only with an enormous Gagenangebot of 800,000 dollar be persuaded.

The turning work took place between January and May 1968 in Austria in the localities throwing, Lofer and even lake . „The lock eagle “ of the film is the fortress high throwing, 40 km south of Salzburg.

With the aerial ropeway it concerns (old) the Feuerkogel - aerial ropeway in even lake (salt chamber property; Upper Austria).


agent die became lonely a large financial success and also critic reacted extremely positively: “Where Eagle Dare is good for its category that in such a way one must go bakes tons of The Great escape (1963) for A worthy comparison”, meant for example the Variety.

The very in-usual and dynamic film music of Ron Goodwin is popular.

The radiogram „Broadsword calls Danny Boy “, with which Burton anfunkt several times the English secret service center, became in England to a winged formulation, which is used gladly in a humoristic way when telephoning.


the German-language DVD of the film appeared in November 2003 and contains approx. 10-minütiges Special, which was produced during the turning work.

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