the political agitation (lat. agitare = excite, incite; also: swivel, vibrate, e.g. a liquid) is a special form of the political advertisement. The term is sometimes used in the colloquial language, in addition, in journalistic comments devaluing. The agitator is often equatedwith an inciter, a Anstifter, a Hetzer and a troublemaker.

Besides there is a row further, completely different meanings of agitation and/or. Agitator.

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a political agitator wantsin particular by motivating, spurring or aufrührerische speeches and publications a larger quantity from humans to a common an action or reaction moves (usually regarding a political opponent, i.d.R. the class enemy).

In Leninistic practice (in addition, the other political parties) was andthe term “agitation” is positively afflicted.Lenin defined agitation as “the appeal to the masses to certain concrete actions, the promotion of the direct revolutionary interference of the Proletariats into the public life.” [1]. It bordered the A. from propaganda (see. also Agitprop). In communist parties and states is the function of the agitator gfs. even an office. Angela Merkel about was in the 80's secretary for agitation and propaganda at the Academy of Sciences of the GDR. In the GDR it already indicatedthe schools the position of the agitator. Or also several pupils of each class were responsible for it, by wall newspapers and political communication over in the national media published and apparently publicly dominant opinion to inform and promptly opinion-end in the sense of the regime on thatTo influence class collective. In the old Federal Republic however § the 130 StGB “stimulating on the class warfare placed the incitement of the masses under punishment , starting from 1960.

With the agitation the aufklärerische moment steps into the background. Instead becomes - as with its counterpart, propaganda - among other thingsset on Emotionalisierung , Suggestion , polarization and simplification, over under evasion of counterarguments to produce considerations or resuming considerations tendencies and/or. To form and unite mass movements under usually very overall and populist slogan. Key words dominate the discourse; Passwords replaced in particular in Maoism (and comparable ideological directions) rational, argumentatively coherent (in itself conclusive) pro grammars (see. Mao Bible).

Usually tautly organized mass marching-up and demonstrations belong indispensably to the repertoire of the agitation.

During one in connection with socialist, bolschewistischen, stalinistischen and Maoistic parties predominantly of agitation (gfs. still of Agitprop) speaks, if one means the political seduction art, finds one view to national socialism and fascism almost exclusively the term propaganda.


in the medicine means agitation (also: Agitatingness) a diseased unrest, with that it to violent and hastyMovements of the patient comes (symptoms: Tremble, increased movement urge). An agitation arises particularly with Psychosen or in the Delirium , however also in the normal sleep (approximately as accompaniment of very lively dreams). It is not to be confounded with usual nervousness.


Over the English the word agitator found also entrance into the German technical vocabulary. In the broadest sense understands by it devices or machines to the permanent or temporally steered automatic movement about articles such as workpieces, liquids, solutions, mixtures etc. The simplest example for this is (concrete) a mixing machine.


  • the secret of the agitator is to make itself so stupid how its listeners are, so that they believe, them are as cleverly as it. (Karl Kraus)
  • one knows the tactics of the agitation in any special question, those in 24 hoursTactics at the time of the execution of any subtask of the party organization change; but in 24 hours, it is even in 24 months, its opinions over it changes, whether at all, always and absolutely a war organization and a political agitation are in the masses necessary, that brings only people without anyPrinciples finished. (Vladimir I. Lenin, with what begin? [2])
  • the controversy between the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk and Jürgen Habermas, coined/shaped by personal attacks, continues with unreduced sharpness. Sloterdijk accused Habermas on thursday evening in first German television (pool of broadcasting corporations), “a whole nation with itsleft-fascist agitations to move ". Sloterdijk had been attacked after its lecture “rules for the people park” by Habermas and others. Among other things fascist Rhetorik had been accused to him. (From a GERMAN PRESS AGENCY - message of 23. September 1999; [3])
  • the Islam is in the phase, those that Christianity behind itself has: It is vitally, strongly, missionary, also kreuzzüglerisch. The large difference, which many do not want to admit, is that a mosque is also a political forum. It is not only a church, in which one gebetet, but agitated, there will become therePolitics and social behavior preached. (From FAZ - interview with Helmut Markwort of 23. January 2005; [4])


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