Agnès Jaoui

Agnès Jaoui (* 15. October 1964 in Antony with Paris) is a French actress, authoress and a rain eating urine.

For its film scripts, their public work and also as an actress is several times distinguished. Its film “desire on other one” (Le goût the autres) won 2001 four Césars, under it the César than best film of the yearly as well as for the best film script. For look me on kept common it the European film price for the best film script, with Jean Pierre Bacri, which likewise transferred a basic actor role in the film. Jaoui belonged with the European OSCAR also to for the best direction nominated.


  • 2004 - look at me! (Comme une image) - authoress, rain eating urine, Darstellerin
  • 2002 - 24 heures dans la vie d'une femme, direction: Laurent Bouhnik - Darstellerin
  • 2000 - desire on other one (Le goût the autres) - authoress, rain eating urine, Darstellerin
  • 1998 - the life is a chanson (on connaît la chanson), direction: Alain Resnais - authoress, Darstellerin
  • 1996 - typically family! (Un air de famille), direction: Cedric Klapisch - authoress, Darstellerin
  • 1993 - Cuisine et dépendances, direction: Philippe Muyl - authoress, Darstellerin
  • 1993 - Smoking/No tuxedo, direction: Alain Resnais - authoress, Darstellerin
  • 1987 - which fell in love (L'Amoureuse), direction: Jaques Doillon - Darstellerin
  • 1987 - Hôtel de France, Regie: Patrice Chéreau - Darstellerin
  • 1983 - deadly trace (Le faucon), direction: Paul Boujenah - Darstellerin

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