Agnès Sorel

Agnès Sorel als Madonna (Gemälde von Jean Fouquet)
Agnès Sorel as a Madonna (painting of Jean Fouquet)

Agnès Sorel (* around 1422 in Formenteau; † February 1449 in the Anneville sur Seine at a mercury poisoning) was the Mätresse of the king Charles VII. of France.

She was an influential yard lady at the French king yard, at which she introduced the fashion of the uncovered chest, and which Mätresse of the king Charles VII. Its son, the later king Louis XI. pursued the loving of its father of time life with its hate. After its sudden death Louis came therefore also immediately into the suspicion, Agnès Sorel murdered and/or. the instruction for their murder to have given. To be proven this thesis could not however.

In the year 2004 the grave was opened by Sorel and examined kriminalistisch. In addition, the Paläopathologe Philippe Charlier could prove, the Sorel at a mercury poisoning had died, the murder hypothesis could by this investigation not clearly be clarified.

Charlier could prove that Sorel after 3 children again in 7. Month was more schwanger and at worm infestation suffered. Since at that time against birth complaints and worms the mercury treatment admits usual and the harmless doses was, the investigators assume that, which was given to Sorel intentionally a deadly dose mercury. Officially Sorel at belly river on a journey died to the king into normandy and in hole was buried.

On the basis the head found in the grave the experts of the French Gendarmerie could reconstruct the face of Agnès Sorel.
After conclusion that analysis now gene became their Gebeine to 2. April 2005 buried in presence by representatives of the French high aristocracy in the pin church of hole again.


  • , which becomes 1462 the Mrs. von Jacques de Brézé, marries descendant Marie
  • de Valois, the 1458 the Mr. von Coëtivy and of Taillebourg that it in the arms of its lover with the sword murders
  • Jeanne, those from Louis XI. at Antoine de Bueil one marries

among its descendants to rank ua. the today's duke of Orléans, prince Jacques of France as well as the prince Charles Emmanuel of Bourbon Parma.


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