Agnes Karll

Agnes Karll (* 25. March 1868 in Embsen; † 12. February 1927 in Berlin) was the Reformerin of the German nursing for the sick.

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you was born as a daughter of the landowner Theodor Karll and his Mrs. Ida. Their parents separated however promptly (1881), which coined/shaped its youth crucially.

First it interested in the occupation of the teacher and visited themselves therefore the continuation school of Johanna Wilborn in Schwerin. Over the friendly contact to Wilborn Karll approximated for the first time also the women's movement at that time and became acquainted with so for example also Helene long one . Since it was too young for the placing of the teacher examination, it began with the activity as educator and a private teacher 1886 in Retgendorf (today Dobin at the lake) and alto Gaarz.

With in the meantime 19 years Agnes Karll came to the realization the fact that you do not lie the training occupation and linked it their vocational future from now on with the nursing for the sick. Already to 26. August 1887 began it therefore training as a Krankenpflegerin in the Clementinenhaus in Hanover, a nut/mother house of the red cross.

Starting from 1891 she worked 10 years long in the private nursing for the sick, mostly approximately around Berlin. In this time it in addition, the opportunity had to live for some months in America and the nursing for the sick from there view knows to learn (1894). Later it began to attach further contacts to occupation colleagues from the foreign country ( above all England , Finland , Austria and evenly United States).

Within the general German woman association Karll the statute for the 1903 created occupation organization of the Krankenpflegerinnen of Germany as well as the baby and social workers worked (short: BOKD and/or. BO) out and became their first chairman. The federation mediated to its members jobs, offered insurance protection and legal advice. Later it was renamed in Agnes Karll federation, 1973 went to this in the German professional association for occupations of care e. V. (DBfK) up.

Agnes Karll used itself apart from the acknowledgment of the profession for founded, three-year training in the nursing for the sick. Also the uniform job title nurse is to be due to it.

1909 became Karll in London president of the world league of the Krankenpflegerinnen, besides it was honour member of the upper interior combination in Great Britain and Ireland. At the Leipziger woman university it was active 1913 as one of the first women as Dozentin, 1926 led it a national congress to the nursing for the sick in Duesseldorf.

Agnes Karll died 1927, it in the family grave at the cemetery in Gadebusch (Westmecklenburg) was buried.


after Karll were designated Institut for care research in Berlin (AKI), hospitals in bath Schwartau and Laatzen, a nursing for the sick school in Tettnang, a road in Gadebusch, Embsen and Gostorf as well as some homes for the elderly.


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