Agnes wind-hit a corner

Agnes wind-hit a corner (* 27. March 1888 in Hamburg; † 28. September 1975 in Berlin) was a German stage, film and a television actress.

To their theatre act ions belonged among other things the German Schauspielhaus Hamburg, that royal yard theatre Hanover and various stages in Berlin. Itbelonged in the fifties to the Kabarett 'the Insulaner 'in Berlin. To their most well-known films belong among other things: The way in the free (1941), the large love (1942), the Trapp family (1956), the grip arm (1957), to live time and timeto die (1958), Scotland yard hunts Dr. Mabuse (1962), the Zinker (1963), lock Gripsholm (1963), the dog of Blackwood Castle (1967), morning around seven is still the world correct (1968), the gentlemen with thatwhite waistcoat (1969). Large popularity reached it with the TV-Familienserie the incorrigible ones (1966 - 1971). It played the role of the granny Köpke. Between 1938 and 1945 it was also a play teacher at the German theatre Berlin. Often she worked as synchronous andRadio play spokeswoman; among other things it synchronized Margaret Rutherford (16 o'clock 50 starting from PAD thing clay/tone, hotel international, also the small ones want upward).

Agnes wind-hit a corner lies in Berlin on the cemetery at the army route buried.

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