Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga (called for the western culture area alive ethics) is a writing of Tibetan Mahatmas (brother shank of the masters of the wisdom). She was transferred to the painter Nicholas Roerich, which admits public made in the first half of the last century allegedly Helena Roerich , her together with her man.

Agni Yoga continues the teachings, those the masters of the wisdom in (in the British museum in London to visiting) the Mahatma letters (see article master of the wisdom), by Helena Blavatsky and their publications as well as in the temple teachings (see article temple of mankind) had developed.

Table of contents

the writing of the Agni Yoga

of the Agni Yoga consists of the following 15 single volumes: Sheets of the garden Morya I and II, community, Agni Yoga, infinity I and II, hierarchy, heart, fiery world I, II and III, AUM, brother shank I, brother shank II 1. Part and brother shank II 2. Part.

The original documents are written in Russian language. They are in the meantime completely in English and German and partly among other things into Letti, Bulgarian one, French, Polish one, Italian, Netherlands one and Spanish translates.

Agni Yoga groups and Roerich societies

Agni Yoga groups and Roerich societies gives it today in particular in the succession states to the USSR, in addition, among other things in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece.

In Germany Agni Yoga became in and the seventies sixties of the last century by the Austrian Leopold Brandstätter (Leobrand, died 1968) and its ethical society world spiral spreads.

self understanding and foreign evaluation

Agni Yoga understand themselves as continuation of the theories of the Theosophie. It stresses the authority of a transmission from higher, okkulter source (as in case of the Koran). The established Christian churches regard Agni Yoga as sparkling wines, which is not compatible with the Christianity.

the teachings

the goal of the Agni Yoga are, a new, to prepare higher stage of the mankind development.

The most important single topics are:

  • Evolution: Entire nature strives to ever larger height. On earth a natural development from stone, plant and animal to humans is recognizable. Thus the evolution is however not yet final. Humans actual like its predecessor, the ape - only one intermediate stage to still higher ways of life, which already exist elsewhere in the universe; humans are not the highest creature in the cosmos. Agni Yoga teaches that the higher stages, „God sons “like Jesus or Buddha and steering wheels of solar systems and university verses, from lower to have naturally developed far beyond that. That applies in the long run also to God: There is no God, which was not even humans, is a central statement. The actual existence of higher natures is the scientific basis of each religion.
  • Hierarchy: There is a hierarchy of the souls, which reaches according to the evolutionary development from the stone to the God. The higher creature expresses the inherent göttlichen spark (spirit) in larger measure than the lower. Each stage (also those of humans) has higher species over and lower under itself. Between the stages a natural connection exists. As on earth creatures of different height live next to each other. Like the animal its gentlemen, which looks for humans, then also humans look further above for connection with still higher natures.
  • Immortality: The principle of the infinity applies to the entire universe, also to humans. The unsterbliche soul, whose existence all religions teach, is the true nature of humans, not the passing body. Humans attain immortality, by identifying itself, instead of as before with the body, with its soul. A central statement reads: Humans do not have soul, it are a soul.
  • New humans: A goal of the Agni Yoga is training new humans, the next higher evolution stage. This characterized particularly by the consciousness of the own immortality, by a self understanding as mental - soul -, not physical nature. Imperishableness leads to inviolability and perfect freedom of action, to overcoming of the wrong and finally joy in all conditions: Resistances, attacks and difficulties are opportunities, them serve the mental ascent; if they are overcome, the spirit comes out strengthened.
  • New world: A goal of the Agni Yoga is the creation of a new, better world, a higher culture. Humans, who can act itself as souls, when imperishable, mental natures understand, perfectly selbstlos. They work not for the personal advantage, but for the penetration of ideals such as truth, justice, beauty and love. That can change the world. Thus e.g. leads. the production from justice to the overcoming of poverty and unemployment: The earth is richly enough; if only the necessary work and its products are fairly distributed, from both more than enough for all will be there.
  • Meaning of consciousness: Consciousness is the actual reality. What exists, is only to that extent material for humans, when it is conscious to it. Each change begins in the head, in thinking humans. A higher, further consciousness, in particular the realization of the immortality and the laws of the cosmos, are a condition for a better life on ground connection.
  • Wiedergeburt: The unsterbliche soul goes an infinite way through the most diverse worlds, times, cultures and existence levels. It turns also on earth back (Reinkarnation), until it everything learned, what on this planet to be learned is. Afterwards the way in higher worlds is continued.
  • A cause, effect and responsibility - Karma: The free will of humans causes that responsibility for thoughts, words and acts is taken. Liberty and responsibility are inseparable. There is no release of sin; humans must clean themselves and again-good-make arranged injustice.
  • Combination of science and religion: Mirror-image-ritual realization goes beyond intellectual. It may not contradict the laws of the reason however. A study of the celestial, jenseitigen world - the homeland of the soul - is possible on scientific way by observation and experience. However feeling knowledge and heart realization must be used beyond the methods of the classical natural sciences. The connection with higher spheres in the Meditation is perfectly natural and thus scientific; it leads demonstrably to the supply of comfort, Kraft, Freude and Erkenntnis. The real connection of sensitive humans with the natures of higher evolution stages is the scientific basis of each religion.

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